Antivirus is crucial for Windows OS. Missing it can put you in great trouble someday. Can’t decide the ultimate antivirus for your system? Let me share my personal favorite antivirus that can bust the widest possible range of viruses and its friends.

When we talk about securing our computers having Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 or other versions, the first idea that hits our minds is ‘Antivirus’. Our brain starts recalling the stories and advices that were told by experts and our friends who have told us several times about the protection and benefits of antivirus programs.

best windows antivirus free

We are not going to prove them wrong here. Antivirus programs are very useful indeed. It can save us from a wide range of malware and viruses that can harm our data.

Data can be much more valuable than actual price of computer. Especially in cases of official record maintaining where loss of data is unbearable. Should this happen, check out They can get you back on your feet.

So don’t underestimate the power of viruses and virus killers… Antivirus software!

Which Antivirus is Best for You?

Well, a few things that I have told you above are very common to us. You all know that antivirus are important to be installed unless you have nothing private in your computer.

You are told by many folks to install any good antivirus to protect your computer and file system from viruses. But when you ask them “Which one should I install?” there is a silence for a couple of moments, then a general reply is “Any good one” or they name a few ones and you get confused with the names.

Sometimes you are told one or two antivirus programs with a positive surety that these must work for you.

There are chances that you have tested some of them with no satisfactory performance. Surely, you won’t be willing to try them again unless you have no visible choice.

Should You Try More than One Antivirus?

Have you ever met a person who keeps a few antivirus software installed on their computer and thinking that they have built a multi-layer solid wall against viruses? It seems funny.

Moreover, if you are familiar with security programs behavior then you might have known that more than one antivirus generally don’t work parallel on a machine. It means that only one program can work at a time, more than mostly, and others are disabled.

If you try to install a new antivirus program over an existing one, the old one will be disabled by the newer.

If you are still thinking of doing so, then you not helping yourself but chances are that you will waste your computer resources or even damage your operating or file system. So don’t do this.

Is Windows Defender Enough for PC Protection?

Microsoft rolled out their own antivirus shield named Windows Defender. It was not as good as other professional ones but it was backed up by Microsoft. Though it was good enough to protect against a reasonable number of threats.

It has been reported that Windows defender can work as better as other professional software as it can understand Windows file system much better than others.

It has been tested more than enough times and personally I have observed that it can detect and remove a better range of threats than a few ones, including Avast free Antivirus. But Avast is better at cleaning the infected files and make them free of infections, while Windows Defender plainly removes the files and you have to lose your file too.

You might not be willing to afford such an antivirus that kills files along with virus. Sometimes it’s unacceptable.

In a few cases, it has been observed that Windows defender can detect the viruses that were not detected by Avast real-time auto scan. However if you scan them manually, they are caught and proper action is taken against them. But again, this is not acceptable to scan files manually every time.

Best Antivirus for Windows, so far!

BitDefender Free Antivirus is my best choice for last more than a half year. Don’t get with it’s simple look, it is much more powerful than its rivals.

If you want to test it yourself then I would advise you to scan your disks with any of your favorite antivirus program. Let that antivirus clean those files. Once the files are clean, uninstall that antivirus program and install BitDefender Free antivirus.

Scan your disks again. There are pretty much chances that it will detect those viruses and threats that were not detected by the previous program.

No more theory here, just download the BitDefender Free Antivirus and test it yourself. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience.

Download Here

Top 4 Free Antivirus Ratings

The screenshot below is released by BitDefender, but they are not wrong as they have explicitly put this rating image on their official website.

Bitdefender vs Avast vs Avira vs AVG
Generally the best 4 antivirus most of us are familiar with are:

  • BitDefender Free Edition
  • Avast Free Antivirus
  • AVG Free Antivirus
  • Avira Free Antivirus

This rating is produced on overall protection level and other new features. It reveals that BitDefender is leading the game.

At the end, if you are familiar with some better antivirus for Windows 10, 7, 8 or other versions of Microsoft Windows, do a favor to Internet world by sharing your valuable experience.


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