Want to take a screenshot on your Cyanogen OS device without any third party app? It’s possible and easy to capture screenshot with Cyanogen device.

Taking screenshots is a great way to show somebody what you want to convey. Rater than describing something how it looks in 100 words may take about 1 minute or even more if you can’t describe it right and you’ll have to repeat it again and again until your message makes some imaginary sense. On the other hand, it could be described better with a screenshot. All you need is capture a screenshot and show it. This is much convenient and probably the best way of describing things to people.

How to Capture a screenshot with Cyanogen OS Device

Most of you might be unaware that Cyanogen OS has capability to capture a screenshot without installing any third party app. The methods you’ll learn are not only use native power, but also pretty fast to make you smart enough in mastering screenshot skill on Cyanogen OS devices.

Using Volume and Power Button

You can caputure a screenshot quickly by using volume and power button on your device. A screenshot will be captured and saved in storage. You can edit, share, delete and manipulate any way you wish, just like other images saved on your device.

How to Use Volume and Power Button to Take a Screenshot

  • Navigate to the screen you want to capture.
  • Press volume down and power button simultaneously on your device.

That’s it. Screenshot captured and saved. You can view it either from drop down menu or by navigating to file storage location where your screenshots are saved.

Configure Power Button to take a Screenshot with Cyanogen

In this method, you’ll need to configure the Power button from Settings. This setting adds an additional option that enables power button to take a screenshot from the power menu.

How to Enable Screenshot Option in Power Button Menu

  • Go to Settings > Device > Buttons.
  • Enable screenshots in power menu.
  • Now navigate to screen you want to capture.
  • Press and hold the power button until the power menu appears.
  • Select ‘Screenshot’ from the power menu options.

Cyanogen capture screenshot image

The screenshot will be captured and saved. You can view it from drop as well as in Gallery. You can access the image from screenshots folder in your file manager too.

If you know any other possible way to take screenshot with Cyanogen OS device, do share your skill with us. We’ll be glad to discover a geek like you.


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