With the advent of 3G in Pakistan many enthusiastic users of TechnoDoze.com asked us to write a Tutorial for setting up 3G in Pakistan, so here are we.

This post will help all the users of Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Mobilink and other 3G enabled networks to set up and use 3G internet on their handsets.

So the method is given below in complete detail:

How to Activate 3G for Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink, Zong:


Step 1: Get into 3G coverage area:

As 3G coverage is not yet available in all the areas of the country so you have to go to 3G coverage area to get 3G usage.

To check 3G coverage areas, click on your network.

  1. Check 3G coverage area for Ufone
  2. Check 3G coverage area for Telenor
  3. Check 3G coverage area for Mobilink
  4. Check 3G coverage area for Zong

After you get into a 3G coverage area, proceed to Step 2:

Step 2: Check if Your Mobile has 3G support:

You can not enjoy 3G if you do not have a 3G enabled handset.

TechnoDoze.com has composed a list of 3G enabled handsets in Pakistan which can provide you information regarding Step 2.

Step 3: Edit Settings to Enable 3G in your Handset:

Following is the method to enable 3G in many mobiles, in other mobiles similar method can be applied.

SAMSUNG (Android)
Settings -> Connection -> More Network -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode ->WCDMA/GSM

Other Androids:
Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> preferred network type ->WCDMA/GSM

Nokia Lumia (Windows)
Settings ->Mobile Network -> Highest connection speed -> Select 3G

Nokia Asha (Symbian)
Settings -> Phone -> Network Mode -> Select 3G

Apple (iOS)
iOS 7 Settings -> General -> Mobile Data – >3G/4G
iOS 6 Settings -> General -> Mobile Data -> 3G/4G
iOS 5 Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data

• Settings -> Network connection -> Mobile Network -> Mode -> 3G/2G

Step 4: Confirm if 3G is Working:

To check if 3G has fully enabled, confirm that your handset shows “3G” ,“H” or “H+” on the top of the screen next to the network signal bars, it means that the phone is 3G compatible and you can use 3G services.

Step 5: You are good to go, Surf Happily!!!

Now you have completed 3G setup in your handset. Enjoy high speed connectivity on the go.

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