“Ohh!! What do you mean??” might be your first reaction. “I’ve heard about photo tagging on Facebook, but since when have they introduced status tagging?”

Status Tagging

Yes man! I’ve discovered a tip with which you could also share your status updates, notes, video uploads, photo comments or any update on Facebook through tagging or mentioning.

Some of you will say that it is very simple to tag a person in photo comments or status comments, but after reading this article you will admit it to be a bit tricky.

Now lets move towards the real article:

Status-Tagging or Mentioning in Facebook:

Add Your Tag Easily

Whenever you are replying to a Facebook status update or a photo, when you enter the first letter of a person who has already replied to that particular you see a drop-down menu from which you could select any person to tag.

Or even more better when you enter a “@” sign (without quotes) you get a list of possible users/pages/apps which could be tagged or mentioned.

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But what if you want to tag a person who has not even commented on a post. Or even he is not in your friends’ list either. Yes!!! It is possible.

All you have to know is the ID of that person/page/app or whatever you want to mention.

If you don’t know the ID don’t worry. I am always here to teach you.
Lets learn how to find the Facebook ID of any person/page/app/group

How to Find Facebook ID of Anyone:

For Users:
Its as easy as 1-2-3. Just go to the following URL with YOURNAME replaced by your Facebook username/profile ID.
(For Example: If the link to your Facebook profile is [http://www.facebook.com/xyz123] then, xyz123 is your Facebook username)


For Pages:
Go to the following URL with PAGENAME replaced by your page username.
(For Example: If the link to your Facebook page is [http://www.facebook.com/TechnoDoze] then, TechnoDoze is your Facebook username)


Finding Groups of a Person:
Now open the following URL:

What to do after opening GRAPH.FACEBOOK.COM??
Open the graph.facebook.com and then search for the word “id” see the value given to it. See the images as I find the ID for my page, facebook.com/TechnoDoze!

Click to Zoom

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Now Mentioning the Person:

Now whenever you try to mention the person whose ID you found out by above method just write a symbol ‘@’ (without quotes) followed by id enclosed in square brackets.

For example ID of my facebook page is 119450994789871, I will write in comments, wherever I want to mention my page as: @[119450994789871:] (see the image)

Click to Enlarge
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