Today we will learn how to find a person’s ID and how to mention him, or any page/group in comments, in posts or wherever we need it.

So lets begin.

First of all, we will tell you how to Find a persons Facebook ID.

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How To Find A Person’s Facebook ID:

To Find a person’s Facebook ID, follow the steps given below.

  • Find username of the person whose ID you want to find. (To find username just open the profile of the desired person and what is written in the address bar after )
  • Go to the following Link:

  • Find the ID of the user on the page.
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Copy and save this ID in a notepad file.
How To Mention A Person With Facebook ID:
Now I will move straight to the topic that how can you mention a person whose ID is known to you.
Its quite easy just follow my steps:
  • Give a small “@” sign where you want to mention the person.
  • Write the ID of the person in square brackets just after the “@” sign.
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  • Write your message and press enter to post.
  • You can give maximum three Mentions in one status update.
Some Important Features of Facebook ID Mentioning:
  • It allows you to mention the person even if he is not in your friends’ list.
  • You can mention/tag Fan Pages, Groups, Applications in addition to persons using this method.
  • It is very effective for increasing audience of your Fan pages.
  • Easy to carry out.
Thanks for Reading.

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