Today I will share a tip through which you will be able to find the best quality and highly seeding torrent using google search engine.

High Seeding torrent helps us to make our download faster. Seeds are the number of people who are uploading it for us through any Torrent client.

Important Note: Don’t use this method to download those torrents which include Copyright voilation or DMCA Voilated content.

How to Download Any Software / Game with Torrent:

The question asked by many users is that, “How to find the best torrent for a particular software or game??”

The answer is simply “Google”

You might laugh on my statement, but in fact, using of right keywords while searching with Google can give you your required results within seconds.

Now don’t ask me how. I know you are clever enough. 😉

So, just copy my steps to download your require product.

Copy My Steps:

  • First of all, know the exact name of the Software / Game / eBook or any thing you want to download.
  • Install uTorrent or any other torrent downloading software on your computer.
  • Open Google and write the exact name of the software / game in Google.
  • Write word “torrent” at the end of the name of game / software and hit enter.
  • Now if you have Alexa Toolbar installed, you could easily judge which site is more top ranking.

Some good torrent sites are listed below:
– thepiratebay
– isohunt

  • Open up the link of the most top ranking website you see.
  • Select the more active torrent and download .torrent file and run it on your torrent client.

Your download will start. Now sit back and relax till the software downloads. After download, enjoy the software.. 😀

I hope you have got something. At least I tried my level best. 😉

Good Bye!

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