Wireless Birth Control Chip controls Child Birth for 16 years

Recently a company named “Microchips” has announced to create a Wireless Remote Controlled Child Birth Control chip and they are conducting human-tests on the chip and according to them it will be created till 2018.

Science has continuously finding safer and more reliable methods of birth control as it is very important for many patients.

Image: dailydot.com
Image: dailydot.com

The earlier medical methods of abortion are much more costly and much more painful and this Birth Control Chip will be controlled using a remote control and will be able to contain child birth for up to 16 years.

Some Prominent Features of Wireless Birth Control Chip:

This Chip will be fitted inside the body of mother and then it will be controlled by Remote Control hand set that will come with it.

Image: dailypakistan.com

This surely will provide a new future to the birth control sector of human health.

For 16 years the parents will be able to decide whether they want a child or not and they will not have to go to different clinics and waste their time and money once they got this chip.

The only possible drawback to this might be the cost of the chip and some other health issues that electronic rays emitted from the device may cause.

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