27th November 2015 was a huge day in the marketing history of Pakistan. Millions of people availed the facilities that has never been observed before. The massive crowd on both physical markets and online stores presented the paramount initialization of Christmas shopping season. Kaymu is a big name for the customers to get the exciting offers all over the year included in the magnificent classifications like sports, books, toys, electronics, health products, beauty, jewelry, footwear and clothing.

Contributions and successful achievements of Kaymu on Black Friday


This Black Friday was a really busy and productive day for Kaymu. Thousands of orders and enormous traffic on the website made the whole campaign very successful. Kaymu worked really hard to put each product’s specifications on site and place offers of discounts. Although, prices of merchandises proposed by Kaymu on usual days are also reasonable but this Black Friday was an opportunity to avail lower price rates. Products were sold abruptly including electronics like laptops and mobile phones, apparel like t-shirts, jackets and tops and beauty products like cosmetics and hair commodities.

Customer service department is what that actually represents the conveniences directly to customers. The massive participation of buyers on the website might create huge mess for the providers or even customers to get the right direction. Kaymu constantly remained on the track with supported calls and rapid responses to the messages that enhanced the reliability and customers felt more convenient to deal. Continuous placement of new products on the site after the sale of existing wares showed the effort that is clearly incomparable.

Enthusiasm of online customers


People always impatiently wait for major events to get the elite opportunities like discounts and product packages. This Black Friday was really the event of celebration for them because of Kaymu in Pakistan. People enjoyed huge discounts and lively categories of their favorite products that are rarely available on other platforms. Customers registered their accounts before the opening day to avoid the chance of missing their beloved items.

Extraordinary role of Kaymu and Black Friday on E-commerce industry of Pakistan


Represented as the developing country, Pakistan is gradually moving towards the excellence of pace that comprises of the technology trends. Making the selling and buying procedures as essential entities, e-commerce is being benefited by the online marketplace called Kaymu. The great sale rate on this occasion is the result of how much people are interested in availing the online prospects. The clear depiction of e-commerce in Pakistan is mentioned in this report. Moreover, financial industry enjoyed the business of thousands of deals nationwide and increased the chances of e-commerce industry to become the worldwide identity.

Hence, the consequences of Black Friday with respect to the online services of Kaymu in Pakistan prove that there are numerous chances for this country to boost the e-commerce level to the peak.


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