iPhone’s network and data usage statistics can be monitored from notification center. Here, you’ll learn 3 ways to do this in iOS.

iOS has introduced some lock screen widgets for iPhone. Most of times, people use notification center to monitor recent notifications and activities. It’s frequently used screen to get noticed about your social media apps notifications as well as to check your pubic or local IP address, RAM usage, disk storage, CPU usage and other useful statistics around you and your device.

For the users who use internet package with limited data transfer or different billing rates for specific tasks, wouldn’t it be a great relief if something could make this possible to check data usage and Wi-Fi or carrier plan right from the notification center of their iPhone? You must have desired for this if you ever needed such a thing, haven’t you?

Monitor iPhone Network And Data Usage via Notification Center

iOS Apps to Check Network And Data Usage via Notification Center

Fortunately, most of times, iOS users are lucky to make things happen on their iPhone with some app or widget. Here are 3 iOS apps that support widgets to retrieve and show data and network information.

  1. My Data
  2. Network
  3. TrafficMonitor

Let’s have a brief picture of each.

My Data

My Data is a simple widget app that helps you monitor data consumption over carrier’s network plan or Wi-Fi. Here are some specifications of this My Data app:

  • Monitor the statistics of each network individually.
  • View data consumption for that day.
  • Set an alert for when data transfer (download/upload) reaches a specific limit.

It’s a nice and simple app and suitable for users on short period (daily or weekly) limited data plan.

Install My Data from App Store


Monitor is another app to monitor network and data usage containing notification center widget. The free version has following features:

  • View local and public IP
  • View your carrier information
  • Choose a single type of information to see for the Internet (cellular or Wi-Fi) network. Pro version allows to view all info simultaneously.

The free version is good enough if you use a single network. But if you have to use multiple data networks and want to monitor them all without any hassle, you should consider pro version.

Install Network from App Store


TrafficMonitor, as the name suggests, is a feasible iOS app to monitor Internet data usage traffic on your device. Besides the network monitoring and displaying in the notification center widget, it has some extra features:

Network download and upload speed test using RadioOpt.

Shows the current network in use.

Compare and inform about the fastest available network in your device range.

TrafficMonitor is a modest app for your iPhone that equips both monitoring and ease of use at the same time.

Install TrafficMonitor from App Store

What’s Your Favorite App?

It’s worth mentioning that these apps have a lot more to do besides what we’re covering here. If you’re curious about other options, you can try them out, but be careful while handling sensitive functions.

Don’t forget to share your experience with these 3 apps and express your opinion about the best one you prefer, and why? Your analysis and feedback will surely help the other readers to decide what will be the best choice according to their specific taste and requirements. Good luck.


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