It seems like Google is not giving up on it’s Glass.

The Project Aura, the team supporting the Google Glass prototype headset that found in 2013, of Google is apparently working on three new variants of the head-mounted devices – two don’t possess a display.

Google discontinued the sales of its own ill fated eyeglasses that were smart in January 2015, only months after being released in the UK for £1,000 headset.

Nevertheless, Google insisted at that time that it wasn’t abandoning the job. The company said it would continue to put money into its Glass on the job programme for business programmers and businesses, and also would release a brand new edition of the wearable device “when it is prepared”.

Same as the first Google Glass, the headset will apparently used bone conduction technology, enabling users to stay alert to the universe while listening to sound.

Google is no doubt expecting that getting cleared of the display will conquer a few of the issues using the first Google Glass prototype.

Glass was likewise beset with controversy, as a result of the power of the wearer to take record videos and pictures . Individuals had been prohibited by some pubs from wearing Glass, following some assaults on users. The device was likewise prohibited in banks, theaters, casinos, hospitals and automobiles.

The description indicates that Google could be looking to expand Glass right into a family of various goods that are wearable, as an alternative to the single head-mounted device that fought to win over consumers.


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