7 New Gadgets That Will Define Your Lifestyle

Technology advancement has taught us one thing; just when you think you have the latest, coolest, and the trendiest gadget, right at that moment, someone is figuring on how to replace it. But this revolution has been for good. We can now enhance our comfort, convenience, and make our lifestyles even better. The tech advancement is not just for high-end consumers; anybody can own any of these devices without breaking the bank. To help you make your life better and up your comfort.

We have compiled for you 7 new gadgets that will define your lifestyle:

1. Oombrella

Just when we thought technology is reserved for some specific ways of life like entertainment, this smart umbrella hit the market. This smart gadget will alert you when it will be rainy, and it will remind you so that you don’t leave it behind. This means weather forecast news will not be your things anymore. Whether you have it at home or in the office, you will never be rained on. It may not signify the epitome of innovation, but it’s a perfect representation of the power of technology.

2. Pocket VR

Pocket VR is a gadget that allows you to convert a smartphone, giving you the freedom of using virtual reality; with just a smartphone, you can now discover the immersive virtual reality comfortably. It is available in a portable design and with protected lenses. With the emergence of Pocket VR, you have no excuse or hindrances to prevent you feel and taste virtual reality.

3. URB-E

Did you think that with the innovation of hover-boards, nothing else would compare them? If that was your case another surprise for you- the URB-E. This is a foldable scooter, meaning you can fold it when you want to fit it in a small compartment. When being used by an adult, this scooter can go up to 20 miles, at a maximum speed of 15 MPH. The scooter, which is powered by a lithium battery, will only take you 4 hours to fully charge it. The make of carbon fiber handles and anodized aluminum makes this unit durable, stable and sturdy. That’s not all; you can charge your smartphone, from a USB connection on the battery. Additionally, you can plug in headlights, adapter or brake lights. So if you are looking for a way of traveling while enjoying the sunlight, and one, which is good for your health, scooter makes it real.

4. Withings Thermo

We all want you around as long as it can. That’s why your health should be given the seriousness it deserves. Withings Thermo is the coolest thermometer on the market and comes with the hottest technology you can think of. This thermometer takes away the choice you have always been faced with, of choosing between accuracy and comfort when using the traditional thermometer. To monitor your whole family member’s health, you just need one piece. The prettiest part is that you will have your temperatures measured in 2 seconds. This thermo becomes more effective as the temperature readings are synced, via Wi-Fi to the Thermo app. This gives you the capability to track your temperature reading and that of your family members. That’s not all, you get a temperature diary, and you can share these readings with your doctor at a click of a button.

5. 4Moms Infant Car Seat

There is no better way of saying parenting in the 21st century is here with us, than by using this 4Moms Infant car seat. Safety of your child when driving is critical, but sometimes it becomes hectic. You have to keep checking on the situation of your child while at the same time you are driving. What about you concentrating on driving and leave application to manage the seat. The application will guide you during seat installation and will keep on monitoring the seat’s tensions and levels all through. This keeps your baby safe; gives you comfort and convenience.

6. IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

Have you ever thought of the coolest way of massaging your eye area? There is something for you- IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager. You can now massage the area around your eyes, without hurting your eyes or using dirty hand to do it. This tiny gadget is travel-friendly, so whether you are eating, making a presentation or when you are in gloves, you will massage the eye region comfortably.

7. Vivid Wellness Bracelet and Pendant Trackers

You can now get beautiful in these bracelets, leave heads turning, but no one will know they are trackers. They are very pretty bracelets that take tracking technology to the next level. This adds to the number of wearable that serve as trackers. But the finest part is that to everyone else that’s beauty but to you that a double-edged sword.

The above 7 gadgets brings out one message, technology advancement is in every part of life. From parenting, security, fashion, pregnancy, health, smart homes, entertainment, and many others. These gadgets represent the far we can go with technology, but what is making it more beautiful, is that companies are making their tech gadgets, more affordable. So go ahead and enjoy the comfort, convenience and enhanced lifestyle, courtesy of technology.




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    August 12, 2017

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