Pakistan, alongside rest of the developing world, is relatively nascent to the idea of online shopping. People stick to the old conventional shopping methods by going into the market and doing manual transactions.

However, over the past couple of years or so, things have drastically changed and shifted in the direction of online shopping.

The arrival of 3G & 4G in particular has forged the way of online shopping. Amidst the cluster of online marketplaces that have tried to make people adapt the culture of e-commerce, some appear to be very fulfilling and promising to the customers, others are bit tacky and edgy making the newbies a little confused. Here is a list of five top online shopping sites, which according to general observation, are living up to the people’s desire of convenience and user-friendliness. The order doesn’t necessarily reflect the positioning of the websites in the market. is one of the most vibrant online shopping centers in Pakistan. The sheer variety of products it offers, makes it a one stop shop for the public.


They have a very diverse range of sellers selling all type of products through their platform and in terms of delivery cover quite a part of the country. They stand as one of the pioneering online shopping places in Pakistan and is a must try for the newbies and oldies alike.

This time around they even sold tickets for PakvsZim series, therefore showing its diverse and spirited reaches.

It cannot be denied that the way means of telecommunications have revolutionized the country’s marketing landscape, nothing has impacted the economy in this manner.


In the lieu of this phenomenon, the selling and buying of electronics and telecom devices offers one of the most widespread products being traded in e-commerce. has come as a perfect platform for buying of electronics related products. Latest mobiles, laptops and tablets are the leading products of this place. So, behold all the mobile lovers, here is your chance.

A venture by Rocket Internet, has turned itself to be a very thriving and diverse marketplace. More than user friendly, its features are easier to understand and customer oriented.


With its android, blackberry and iOS apps, it reaches out to vast number of internet users either on mobile or on desktop.

Their offer of cash-on-delivery attracts a large number of people to shop from this place and enjoy the wide range of products they offer.

Among all the users, women in particular love


They possess such large collection of women’s clothing and beauty items that those who are fond of online shopping cannot resist the temptation to buy some from this online site.

One of the most colorful online shopping places in Pakistan is They even have special collection for kids’ games and sports, which really give the customers a huge chunk of things to choose from. It possesses a large merchandise of all sorts of products.



A real kickass interface, it makes an interesting space for people to visit and shop online.


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