How to see who likes your post at Facebook??

In this article we will learn to know all the visitors who visits your post and likes your facebook post at your blog in blogger or any other page or website.

It is quite easy to see that who likes your post at Facebook. So, I’ve written this article in order to help you to know about the people who liked your URL at facebook which is an easy thing to do.

How to See who Likes Your Post at Facebook:

Have a look at the code given below:

Replace by link of the page whose likes you want to see and copy the whole code and open it in a new web browser window.

You will see that how many people like your post/page/website.

You can also see likers of a Facebook by this method also.

Just replace by link of your page.

For Example:

This type of look will be of the like window:

View of the resultant page.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

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