How to mention a person in Facebook comments???

If you want a person to take notice of a particular comment you give at a Facebook post, it is quite easy.
The target person will get a notification about you mentioning him and in this way you could draw attention of a particular person.

Click on comment on any post.
1. To mention a person write the letter @ :

Step 1

2. After it, write the first alphabet of the name of the person you want to mention and select from the list appearing below:

Step 2

3. Give space, write your comment and hit enter to post comment.

Final Step

Note: This method could also be adopted to mention a person after writing a comment or between a comment.

I hope you liked this tip.. 😉

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  1. Rosathomson
    February 11, 2013

    Facebook has expended his features and this type of post introduces all recent features and keeps us always updated.Tagging and mentioning are Facebook’s most interesting features that allow the user to specify individuals in comments and status.Simple but efficient tips and tricks to get thorough knowledge on basic of Facebook.


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