8 tips to get more Facebook Likes for your Business page

Facebook is a social media network that has found millions of takers all over the world and the numbers are constantly growing. Hence if you have a Facebook page for your business you have an opportunity to reach out to a large number of users who are on the site practically every day. If you want to get likes from them for your posts there are some strategies you can follow to good effect. It can also boost traffic and get local shares that have their advantages.

Facebook Likes Getting

Determine the target audience

That’s the first step in the right direction for you as it helps finding people whose interests match with your posts. You can ask your friends to like your page, but the results will be limited. The best way to start getting likes is ground up.

Have engaging content

Your posts have to be interesting, engaging and entertaining to get users’ attention. Monitor posts that lead to maximum engagement and keep up with similar posts. Images are usually known to draw attention, besides likes and shares. You can focus on them as well but make sure they add value to your users who should want to share them with friends, family members, colleagues alike. Your posts can also have call for action, where you ask them to directly like or share a post, or raise a question that they have to answer. It will engage them naturally.

Facebook Advertising

You also have the option of promoting your posts, which ensures that your followers can actually see them. As a result you will gain more followers who will probably like your page too. Facebook Advertising also offers you an effective way of reaching out to your customers. You can opt to use the same advertisement across different types of demographics to spot a pattern. It will lead you to your top followers and prospective clients.

Benefit from Facebook Insights

Insights you get from Facebook can help you build your marketing strategy. It is particularly true for start-up companies who need to understand their users’ patterns and needs well. These insights also help you determine the difference between reach and virality of your posts. Thus you can mould your future strategies based on the inputs you get. Your Business Page gives you the option of asking friends to like your page; but it’s important to remember that those who like the page should have interest in the brand as it will add to the look of your page.

Push your photos

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words, as they say, and they definitely have an impact on Facebook. If you are hosting an event, a launch or it’s just another day at work, post pictures to reach out to a number of users on Facebook. As your customers get an insider’s look into your company, it will build a sense of community and instil loyalty into them about your brand.

Like-gated coupons

Discounts are always a hit and a coupon that gives people even a 10% bargain will be highly appreciated. You can make your users perform an action to be able to get their hands on coupons. You can like-gate a coupon, which is considered to be a smart strategy, because it can only be claimed when a certain number of people have liked it. It will instantly create a sense of urgency amongst people, who will want to share it with their friends and thus getting you more likes in the process.

Stay consistent

You need to post frequently as it will keep your users coming back to your page for more. Your post should be made at the right time and should speak about your brand with an interesting mix of images. You can also add call to action to engage the audience. The most interactive pages on Facebook in any particular field are not those that only talk about their business or products, but the niche in general too.

Facebook Timeline should be updated regularly

Updating your Facebook Timeline with pictures, posts, polls and updates is considered to be a good strategy. Not adding something new to your page on a daily basis can be a missed opportunity because it gives your users a chance to engage with your content. And that can lead to new audience on your page. If there are no regular updates on your page, people will not like it and leave instantly because of the lack of activity.

If you are looking to build your brand for your organizations, you need to build your social presence as well. Some of these strategies are smart and efficient ways of getting likes on your Facebook page. You can also be creative and think of several other ways that can help you personalize your page so that you get more likes from users.


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