Increasing Facebook Fan page audience is the dream of every Facebook marketer. In other words, Facebook likers are your “bound Facebook users” which bound themselves to view your updates.

And every next time when you post something on your Fanpage, it displays on the News Feed of the users (likers) thus increasing your exposure.

I’ve written this article to devise some shortcut methods for getting quick Facebook likers on your fanpage, I am sure that you are going to learn something from it as I’ve spent a lot of time researching for it.

Power of Facebook Marketing:

Facebook Marketing (particularly in this decade) has indeed become the most powerful marketing source.

According to Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2012 held by Social Media Examiner, more than 94% of the marketers throughout the world use Social Media for marketing. Out of which, roughly 92% use Facebook most for marketing.

Marketing Survey Graph 1 (Courtesy:
Marketing Survey Graph 2 (Courtesy:

Hundreds of thousands of people are using Facebook marketing successfuly for:

  • Getting Traffic to Their Websites
  • Getting Exposure to their brands
  • Expanding Their Business
  • Connecting with Customers
  • Spreading their own School of Thought
  • For Fun purposes
  • For contacting with a people of certain Country / Territory / Religion / School of Thought
So, collectively it has become a sort of a “Social War” where everyone wants to get ahead of each other to fullfil his cause.

Facebook Audience Building: How to Effectively Increase Your Facebook Page Likes???

Facebook Audience building is another name for Earning Money. Because a good audience and good people reach is all that can take your business or website sky high.

In this article, I will discuss some tips on increasing Facebook page likes. So lets proceed to our main topic.

10 Powerful Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes:

I’ve been researching on this topic since I made my first Fanpage on Facebook and found some very helpful strategies that may guide you to boost up your Facebook audience.

1. Utilize Your Time on Your Online Friends:

Its a slow but effective process of increasing Fans for your Facebook page. It is most effective when your page is new and it has below 500 audience.

To do it rightly, compose a good message just like the one given below and send them to your online friends via Facebook chat. In this way you can easily get as much likes as your spent time.

Hi! Please like my Facebook page: 

Or you can also write your page title instead of full URL (e.g. TechnoDoze instead of

This can be done easily using Facebook ID Linking.

I myself has found this technique quite useful and you must give some of your time to it. Its really useful…!

2. Post Some Quality and More Sharable Stuff:

This might be the best known “free of cost” method to increase your Facebook audience. I got a lot of fans due to posting more sharable stuff.

In fact your page’s virality is dependent on how many people reach to your posts, and how many people who can reach depend on how much your stuff is liked and shared, which is totally dependent on attention diverting stuff and quality stuff.

Don’t work on “how much” the stuff is on your page, work on “how better” is the stuff on your page.

One viral post which is shared 50+ times can give you much more audience than 50 posts which are not shared or liked at all.

So, you can imagine how this relevance and quality matter.

3. Post According to Your Audience:

Suppose a possible scenario. When your page is about Engineering students, but you are posting in it about a political party or something which doesn’t at all relates to your title and niche.

Doesn’t it look riddiculous??

In fact it does! It does not only riddiculous but it also causes a considerable loss to your page’s audience. Some engineer might have liked your page in the past to get updated about engineering, but when you post of some irrelevent topic, he will just be irritated and might unlike your page.

So, its very important to post stuff that suits your audience the most. You can analyze with one or two posts that which topic is more appreciated and once you get the topic, post according to that more often.

4. Try to Engage your Audience by Posting Engaging Stuff:

What I exactly mean from Engaging Stuff is stuff which is more “talked about” or “commented upon”. Because the number of people who see your post in Facebook News Feed also depend on the number of people commenting on it.

The more people comment on your post, the more people read your post, the more audience you get and the more popular your page become and thats all what you want and why you are reading this article. 😉

So post polls, interesting question, public talks, ask questions about topics of interest of your users. This will surely give you a high engagement ratio and resultantly a high fan ratio.

5. Give a Nice Looking Profile Photo and Cover Photo:

Profile and cover photos depict the first impression of your page, and in my opinion, it is also last impression following the proverb, “First Impression is the Last Impression” because no one on the web has got enough time to search through the posts of your page. They just like your page if it looks appealing to them in first look.

Even I like pages on Facebook on the above criteria. So, carefully chose your profile picture and cover photo, so that it may compell more people to join your fan page.

6. Use Photo-Tagging to Spread Out Your Audience:

Photo Tagging is a very beneficial feature of Facebook. It allows us to spread out our each post to maximum 50 people and their friends.

So whenever you upload any picture on your page, tag more and more people on it and give link of your page in the photo description. This method will increase exposure of your images, which will ultimately increase fans of your Facebook page.

Try to chose different people each time you tag a photo, so that they may not get irritated of too much photo tags from your side (you might get an Unfriend :P) and also more people may get access to your page.

7. Comment About Your Page on Some High Audience Pages:

Atleast 10 minutes a day, comment on some high audience pages (e.g. pages having 100k+ likers) and give your page’s link within comments.

Choose those pages which are more related with the niche (topic) of your page, so that you may get more relevant likers from it.

Getting Facebook audience from commenting is really a good technique and if you do it efficiently and wisely, it can give you hundreds and thousands of likers.

But Beware! If you do it unwisely, you might get a commenting ban from Facebook. 😉

8. Use Famous Facebook Pages for More Quick Audience:

Some of the high audience Facebook pages do promote other pages in return of a very little money. You could easily spend some pennies out of your daily pocket money to get your page more and more likes.

But, it is quite a task to find out such pages since they are very few in number, still you can find them and utilize them in efficient way.

9. Be More and More Updated:

Always look for “Breaking News” and never wait to share them on your page, because shocking and spicy news are often the most ones shared, and “sharing” is a key which can give you thousands of likers within no time.

For example as I stated above, if one of your images is shared 50+ times, it can give you 100+ likers easily, but 10 other images which are not shared can rarely give you 1 or 2 likers. So you could imagine the difference.

So, always share:

  • Something New
  • Something Spicy
  • Something That makes People LOL
  • Something that emotional attacks the minds of your audience  😉
  • Something funny enough to be shared
  • Something unique
Do Not:
  • Copy/Paste Stuff from Other Pages.
  • Post Something which hurts the feelings of your audience (e.g. targetting a religious group etc)
  • Post an Image without description
  • Look for Audience very quickly, rather believe on regular working
  • Waste your Time on Negative Activities (e.g. 8 Ball pool, or other Games etc)
So, if you follow these tips, I’m sure you’ll be successful in getting your Facebook page(s) a good audience.
10. Use Paid Services To Increase Your Audience:
This point is only for some rich Facebook page owners. It is very easy to get your page famous in no time if you’ve got “money”. Many paid services give you real audience in very less time, but you have to spend money for them.
Best of those services is Facebook Ad Campaign which is used by many companies and if you can afford its budget, it can easily give you required number of audience from any target area.
I will (IA) post another article guiding you to get most out of Facebook Ad Campaign, but in this article, I will only have a general overview of it.
So, if you have a professional organization or brand you must try this to get you more audience.
There are many other services which provide you Facebook audience at low costs including Micro Workers, workiss and many more. These are sort of job sites, where users are assigned some easy online tasks in return of some money.
Now, Its Upto You!
I’ve covered many aspects of boosting up your Facebook audience in few time, and now I leave this upto you that how efficiently you apply this to your Facebook page and what you get out of it.
If you have got some more ideas in your mind and want to share them, your comments will be most welcome by me. Please post them in the comment section below.


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