Screen-less display – The future of Mobile Technology in 21st century

Screen-less display is the latest Technology which will soon be replacing all the screens in computers, mobiles, tablets and other electronic gadgets.

According to Wikipedia:

Screen-less video describes systems for transmitting visual information from a video source without the use of a screen.

Screen-less Display Example
Screen-less Display Example

According to many sources, future mobile and computing systems will be based on Screen-less display technology more than screen technology.

What really is Screen-less Display:ipad-docked_original

Screen-less display, AKA hologram, has such amazing pot
ential that my hope is that the internet can be a medium for collaboration of ideas and information about screen-less display that could help break down the barriers that prevent us from making it a reality.

Essentially screen-less display is a projection that can be seen projected onto the air itself.

So why not take some time and look over some ideas I have collected about the possibilities of screen-less display and maybe even share some of your own.

So the conclusion is that the Monitor and other Screens are heading towards Screen-less surfaces and it will not be taking much time that we will see projectors everywhere.

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