DC Motor and LED

In this article we shall learn to light a 1.5 Volt LED Light using a DC Motor which will act as a DC Generator.


When current is given to a DC motor its coil rotates under magnetic field whose direction is determined by right hand rule of Physics. This is one face of the scenario.

Conversely, if we make a mechanical method of rotating a motor, it will generate electricity, whose magnitude (power) is related to frequency of rotation.

Things you shall need:

1. A 6V DC Motor.
2. A 1.5v LED Light.

(Both could easily be bought from a good electronics store.)

Steps to Follow:

1. Determine the two terminals of the DC Motor:
If you have got a 5-6V voltage source (a battery etc) you could easily determine the terminals.
Join the terminals of DC battery with the two inputs of the motor, if the top of the motor starts to rotate, it means that your motor is in good working condition.
2. Join the terminals of LED Light with two terminals of the motor.
3. Hold the upper portion of the motor (which rotates on giving voltage) with your fingers and rotate it with full power.
4. If the LED lights up, thats it!, but if not, dont loose hope.
5. Rotate the motor in opposite direction.
6. Now your LED will be turned on for the flash of a second.
7. Thats the way you could light up an LED easily.


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