How Smart Are LEDs When Integrated With IoT?

Who would have thought that one day we would be able to control the lighting, security and nearly everything remotely? There is no doubt in the fact that miraculous technological advancements that we achieved so far never fail to awe strike us. Ever since LEDs are integrated with IoT, life has become much more easier, smarter and efficient to be precise. The term IoT stand for ‘internet of things’ which means the interrelated network of computing devices and machines. For example, controlling cool lights through your phones is the result of IoT technology. Your smartphone is not the only ‘smart’ thing you own, your entire household can be transformed into a ‘smart home’. LEDs, when integrated with IoT, become smart, here is the answer to how:


The integration of LEDs and IoT has eased the task of maintaining lighting on a larger scale. For example, controlling all the lights around the city was a real struggle a few decades back. however, the integrated system enables concerned authorities to remotely control all the lights. Moreover, in case of any malfunction, they are notified easily and can thus, repair the damage immediately. Dedication of the problem at an early stage leads to timely repairing which can save you from some massive damage. Having all the controls on fingertips increase the work efficiency of concerned authorities.


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LEDs are being widely used because of their quality of being energy-efficient and their durability. Houses, industries, streets, offices, LEDs are ruling the world right now. LEDs provide us with a bright light which makes them best for the purpose of security. For example, cameras can be placed and connected with LEDs through IoT. This ensures the safety of the public, houses and valuable items in offices. LEDs are often connected with solar outdoor cameras, and collectively they are the best tool to keep the security check and in case of any unusual activity, you get notified instantly which gives you ample time to control the situation.

Moreover, lighting can now be connected to smoke alarms and this connection is facilitated by IoT. When the sensor detects smoke, you can automate your LEDs to turn on to their fullest and even use particular light color with RGB supported LEDs using Home assistant devices such as Alexa or Google Home etc. Similarly, if motion sensors are attached to the LEDs, the lights can flash to warn and frighten the intruder and will notify you simultaneously thus giving you an extra layer of protection as well.

Energy Conservation

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Streetlights are the major source of energy consumption in the cities which results in uneven distribution of power. However, the wide usage of LEDs and their integration with IoT has resulted in a remarkable reduction in energy consumption. You can monitor how much energy is being supplied to different areas and can turn off the power of lights that are not working or are not in use. Moreover, if put on automation, or if motion sensors are added to LEDs, they can automatically switch on and off when needed.

Improved Parking

If LED streetlights are connected to the internet, they can help improve the parking around the city. For example, some companies are putting up radar with LEDs so if any car or bike is parked in an area where it shouldn’t be, an auto-generated notification is sent to the concerned authorities.

Likewise, the radar can also help people find the feasible parking space for them. This integration can help a lot in managing the traffic flow as it will facilitate the process of paying for parking.

Monitor Air Quality

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The position at which streetlights are placed makes it the best tool to monitor the entire surrounding. Likewise, adding sensors to the LEDs can help us monitor the air quality of the city. Being placed at a height, the sensors will not absorb the gases produced from the traffic or surrounding rather it will give us the correct results about the particles present in the air. This will help us maintain a healthy environment within the city.

The integration of LED and IoT offers countless potential benefits that are contributing to making life at work or home much easier and efficient. Kudos to the ongoing technological revolutions that are working to make the world better and smarter. LEDs might seem expensive but the advantages that they have, make them worth every penny spent on it. There is no doubt about the fact that soon the world will morph into a ‘smart world’, which is synonymous with an improved lifestyle.

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