How private is your Skype video call???

Many of us have some private conversations on Skype which we may not want others to see for whatever the reasons might be, the questions is, that a Skype video call is really secure???

A Skype Video Call Preview

Can other people infiltrate skype’s system and be able to see what chat messages you have there or even video calls and even record it???

These are some questions which arise in our minds so often if we are doing something private at Skype.

According to the technical experts the encryption of Skype is nearly unbreakable and Skype describes the caliber of encryption used in the following words:

All Skype-to-Skype voice, video, and instant message conversations are encrypted. This protects you from potential eavesdropping by malicious users.
and also:
Skype uses the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard *), also known as Rijndael, which is used by the US Government to protect sensitive information, and Skype uses the maximum 256-bit encryption. User public keys are certified by the Skype server at login using 1536 or 2048-bit RSA certificates.

This information is enough to satisfy our minds and according to McAfee SiteAdvisor, skype is safe to use and has 5 star secure rating but still this is a human designed encryption system which must have some loopholes in it, and surely there must be some way to decode the Skype encryption.

But local users! You need not worry. No one will spend so much money and time to see you in your night dress, the problem could be for high value secure information which should be avoided to be transferred through Skype.

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