It is an applied tip through which you could improve your signal strength very easily. You will need only a broken piece of radio antenna (aluminium antenna which comes with pocket radio sets usually) nearly 2 metre long could be found in electrical garbage from garbage collector (“Raddi wala” particularly for sub-continent viewers)

Image Courtesy:  geekalerts

1. Scotch-tape the antenna after opening it fully on top-right or top-left corner of the handset.

2. Search for the available WiFi devices.
3. If you could see the available devices more than usual or the signal strength is more than usual than it is done.
4. Otherwise change the side on which the antenna is scotch-taped (e.g. from top right corner to the top left corner)

5. You will surely increase your Wi-Fi signal.
Best Working with: Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Touch Android (All), Q Mobile E950, nearly all full touch WLAN (WiFi) phones.

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