This article is based on my personal experience. I myself increased battery timing of my cell phone and am giving this as 2013‘s latest battery timing tip and sure that it’ll help you too.

This tip just involves the process of using alternative batteries (if you could easily afford) and that will do the task to Increase battery timing for your cell phone.

Increasing Your Battery Life was never so easy…

How to Increase Battery Timing of Your Cell Phone:

So, I am explaining in steps on how could you increase the battery timing of your mobile phone / cell phone.


1. Turn off your cell phone.

2. Remove your battery.

3. Place the battery in an isolated dark space (particularly mobile box).

4. Dont use the battery for a month or so. (for that purpose you could have another battery)

5. After three weeks or one month, take the subject battery out, put it back into the mobile and charge it completely.

This alternative usage of batteries really does increase the battery timing of a normal battery 4-5 hrz. (atleast it did 4 me)


Let me explain to you the logical reasoning for this increase in battery timing.
The reason for it is as simple as you are.

Lets suppose you’ve been working for more than 6 months at office and does not have enough time to take rest. What would be your condition???

Same is the case with machines. If you don’t give them rest, they can not work quite efficiently and might fail to increase battery timing of your cell phone. So, if you got my point and use this tip efficiently, this quick tip might be a great help to increase your battery timing.

This tips works for:

  • Batteries of Smartphones
  • Batteries of Drills, microphones, bluetooth devices children toys.
  • All other instruments that operate on rechargeable batteries
So just Cheer up and enjoy using increased battery life.

Comment below if you know a better trick!!!

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