Every new blogger wants to make his blog more and more famous and due to inexperience when he can not write Quality Content, he tries to steal (copy-paste) content from other blogs. This situation is very hurting for a blogger who spends hours to write articles at his blog.

No Content Stealing Man!

I am trying to teach you that what legal action you can take against such type of people.
Following possible steps you could take against such person who copies your content.

Contact The Person:

It must be your first action. Write a good informal Email to the person who has copied your stuff by describing him that how important is to post original content and pointing out the might-be consequences to him and his blog.

This should be the first step to do. If he is a Nice person, he will get your words and will surely take it down.

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Report the Copyright Voilation to Their Concerned Platform:

If the stealer does not take the content down or continues to keep your content on his blog, the next step you might do is to report this copyright voilation to their concerned blogging platform (in case he has put your content on his blog).

For Blogger:
If they use blogger.com platform, the reporting is very easy. Just go to the Blogger DCMA Voilation Report page and report the theft.

If they have put your content on Youtube:
Youtube also have the Copyright Notice page, where any type of copyright voilation could be reported. It is also easy to report. Click here to report Youtube Voilation.

Report to Facebook:
If the stealer is from neither of the platforms and he has an official Facebook page linking to his website/blog, you might report the copyright voilation to the Facebook concerned authorities.
Click Here to go to the Intellectual Property Report page of Facebook.

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Report to Google Adsense if they have Ads on Their Blog:

If the stealer has Google Adsense activated on his blog, oh yes! The ball is in your court now. Just go to the Google Adsense Policy Voilation page and report the stealer. This might be a big jerk to the stealer.

Lets Try Once More:

If you’ve tried all possible methods and no one is working on the content stealer, before going to the court you might write a threatening mail to the person and mention that I am about to take legal action, it will cause you money and bla bla bla. It is better for you to take down my content otherwise I may do what I am saying.

This might work, because most of the bloggers who steal content are newbies and when watching such dangers ahead they will surely do it, but if it is some type of splogging (spam blogging) or any other false group you might take legal action.

Last Option, File a DMCA Complaint:

Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Never come to this option before giving your full try to resolve issue without involving court. In more than 99.9% cases this step is not needed and Bloggers don’t generally prefer it, but for any reason it might be needed and then you have to do it.

According to DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) of America, you could file a case against the stealer but this might cast you money, for your lawyer and other charges, but still if you are interested to file a complaint then you will have to provide the proof that the article theft by the theif is originally written by You and if you have proof I advise you to contact the concerned lawyer who is experienced in the field of cyber-crimes and their dealing.

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