Switch back to Old Blogger Interface in two easy steps

Hi Friends,

Old Interface Preview
Days back, when I tried to make some changes in my blogger blog, due to slow internet connection I could not use the New Blogger Interface much longer. I tried to shift to the old interface, but it looked inpossible after I had transfered to the new interface.
But, it as said that working determinedly give you each and every thing you want. So, I found a solution of the problem. Anyone of you could also face the same situation due to whatever the reason, but I am giving this screenshot guideline to help you switch to the old blogger interface.

Step 1:

Select your blog from the blogger control panel and open any of the page (New post, stats, settings, etc.), and select the page address from the address bar.

Click to Zoom

Step 2:
Change the address according to the image given below.

Click to Zoom


Change your:

XXXXXXXXX be your blog ID. Dont change it.

After Hitting Enter Key you will enter to the Old Blogger Interface.

Click to Zoom

In case you dont like your old interface after switching it, you could reswitch to the New Interface by clicking on Try the Updated Blogger Interface. (See the Image Above)

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5 Comments on "Switch back to Old Blogger Interface in two easy steps"

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Anton Ca$h

This don’t work anymore! If you can find new solution this will be great.

Bilal Shafi

Unfortunately, Google has permanently disabled old interface.
So cope on with the newer one now…


Excellent Blog every one can get lots of information for any topics from this blog nice work keep it up.

bollywood Photoshoot


this trick is not working anymore.
plz provide how to change edit html interface to old interface because it change on april 10

Electronic Man

I am searching it from long, finally i have found this post, Thanks for sharing.