Though many articles on this topic have been written, still no one explain it in easy words, or ‘Newbie language’. So I written this article because I myself faced difficulties in setting up my custom ( domain in place of blogger subdomain (

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(Note: If you want to purshase a domain from, then this article is not for you.)

What is DNS?
It is an address that determines where your domain name would point to.

Now, after buying domain, go to the Control Panel of your domain and click Manage DNS or equivalent.
(see image)

Now first add www and in CName and click save settings.

After that, go to, login to your control panel, go to basic settings, and on publishing tab select custom domain.
Here, write your domain in ( format and click on setting instructions.

A new page will open, click on Set blog on top level radio button.
Now they will give you instructions to add two CNames in your DNS settings.

Copy the code of the second CName which is infact verifying code from google, and add CName in your DNS Management menu.

As soon as you are done, your domain is ready to be hosting your blog.
Wait for about an hour and than go to your blogger control panel, go to basic settings, and on publishing tab select custom domain, again write your domain with www and click save.

You are nearly done..

Now one last step.. Go to your DNS management. and add four A Addresses with Address as the four IPs mentioned in the image below.

Thats It!!!
Now your blog is your own domain…

Final look of your DNS

Share it to the world and enjoy! 🙂

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