Old interface view
Good bye old interface…

I have a news for you!

Blogger.com has finally removed old interface and the old interface-friendly bloggers will now have to use the newer one [including me too 🙁 ]
So lets just cop on with the new interface, no doubt which has many good features in it which were missing in the old interface.

Be happy!!!
And don’t forget to comment about it…

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  1. Not going to be “happy” about this. The nice, simple, efficient, easy to navigate UI is replaced by a bloated warthog. This is just part of Google’s “one company to rule them all” strategy as soon, you will YouTube, blog, Google+, etc. from a single interface. *_*

    As soon as I get free time, I’ll be working on converting a tiny blog to WordPress on my domain as a test run before sending my massive anime/manga blog over.

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