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I transferred my blogger blog to another (had my all posts copied to another blog) because I wanted to transfer it to my own domain and get rid of blogspot portion of my blog address.

After transferring to a completely new blog, the major problem for me was to retain my traffic and wanted to have no broken links in my posts, and also search engines point toward my new site instead of my older one. That was at first quite a problem which irritated me for more than a month.

Blogger Tips

Then I found this solution which was, whatsoever a relatively good option.

I added following meta tag code just below my tag in blogger template.

(If you don’t know the method of editing a blogger template click on the link below to know it.)
How to: Edit a Blogger Template

It worked a bit, but when it comes to redirect all the posts to the relevant post in my new blog, it did not work like that and all visitors to my blog (irrespective of the post they tried to view), were redirected to the mainpage of my new blog.

This situation was not a good one. Unfortunately blogger doesn’t offer any scripting to differentiate the link of blog with the post.

i.e What I’m trying to find a code in blogger which keeps same record for my post link but exchange the domain code to the new one

that is:


the above page should automatically redirect to:


Remember: myNewblog has all the posts as it is copied from myFirstblog..

That was once a big issue for me. But at last, none other than JavaScript worked for me.
Now look at the following code:

This JavaScript worked for me in nearly all browsers.
Now I am getting back my traffic from my old blog, so my Alexa rank is retained back to normal.

(Note: This trick also works if you have transferred your blog to a custom domain. e.g. www.example.com)

The final code should be:

Just Below Head Tag:

Also place meta refresh in case JavaScript is disabled in the target browser.

And thats it!

I hope it helps you…

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