Yes man!!!
Now there are some keys which if used by a webmaster could be quite helpful in drawing visitor to the website.

When a person thinks that he can get 1000 alexa rank by night or 1 million visitors by night, this looks ridiculous. All the sites which are offering you to give you traffic by spamming are just fraud and they decrease the value of your website.

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I am working in this field (traffic drawing) for more than 9 years and what I’ve learned, I am going to share it to you.

The most effective way to get traffic is to write wanted stuff and the stuff which is talked about the most.

Is it Really Possible???

Yes but this is purely your own intellect to choose those topics to write on, which are much more wanted and much more read over the web.

After writing quality stuff you need the world to know that I’ve written this stuff. The best method I found in this regard is to use social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon etc.

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For example you have a fan page at Facebook having 2000 likers. You write an article and post it to your fan page. In this way, immediately you get 100’s of visitors to your article which help it to come into search engine bots and than it is displayed if the world searches for the topic it has.

Twitter is the best way to share your creatings to the world. If you share good stuff, you get more followers and when you get 100+ followers, you could get 50 visitors per article from Twitter.

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