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Hi Friends!

Many of us using Blogger to share knowledge, want to change the way their blog looks, but they couldn’t, particularly because of lack of knowledge of HTML, CSS and XML. These are the basic designing languages which are used to design a blogger template.

In order to edit a blogger template follow the given steps:

1. Go to you blogger dashboard

2. Click on template in your blogger control panel.


3. Click on Edit HTML:

Click to enlarge

4. Click on Proceed to Open the text template.

Click to zoom

5. Click on expand widget templates

6. Select the whole template file, copy it and save it in a Text file.

7. We suggest you to use text editor which has been particularly made for working with XML (for example Komodo Edit (Windows), BBEdit (Mac) been author’s pick.)

8. Now make suitable changes to your blogger code. If you know a little about CSS and XML, you could make stunning changes in your blog look.

9. So, lets practice. In a later post we will (IA) discuss how to edit varius aspects of your blog design.

Thanks for Reading. 🙂

[Updated: 26-Sep-2012. Reason: Removal of Old Blogger Interface.]

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