Everybody on the web, or even outside the web, is looking for “Success”, but this success is a very mysterious thing. It depends upon how you call it.

If you are a real wise person, you will never go behind success blindly, rather you will search for several pathways tothe success. Some method with which you will surely get loyal customers to your products or whatever your living is. The key which opens all of your Doors to success is

“Developing Better Social Relations”

Why is it important??

Importance of
Social Relations

It is a constanly observed fact that if you are a person (marketer, blogger, salesman or whatever you are!) who does give value to Build Social Relations, you really get much more profit than a person who ignores this part of the business. This might be called as 50% of the business.

If you are a good marketer and even your product is worth sale and you don’t have enough Social Contacts to do so, Alas! you’re failed.
But if you’re a Social geek and have good relations with the people in the niche of your business (e.g. Tech Blogging) you might get more profit. And not ‘might’, you surely ‘will’ get it. I guarantee you.
Try to read Person’s Psychology:

This part does’nt require you to be Masters or M.Phill in Psychology. You will just have to read minds of the persons in contact with you. Some persons are God-Gifted in the regard, this is a plus point, but don’t worry if you are not blessed up with this, you could easily learn a few tips to read people’s mindsets.
Its an applied fact that (especially if you are a school teacher) when you come to the level of the person whom you are addressing to, you not only communicate your sense clearly, but also impress him. This method might get you some purely loyal social contacts.
Social Relations and Web (Blogging):

The Psychological method would more suitably be helpful in the practical life but one mightask question that how would he improve his Social Relations in his eLife???
My answer would be:
“This is as easy as 1-2-3. Internet provides you such valueable and useful attention diverting tools which could divert millions of viewers to you in a few time.”
But this requires a real hardwork. Try to make more and more contacts in social networking websites, (Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg etc) and focus more on the people in your niche.
Niche means that for example your blog is about clothes, dresses etc. So you must try to focus on making contacts with cloth dealers, cloth suppliers or other such users which might be interested in your blog content.
Blind Contacts vs Targeted Contacts:

I generally divide social contacts in two categories.
Blind Contacts:
All contacts whether they are of your niche or not. They are not as much affected as Targeted Contacts who follow or link with you according to your niche.
Targeted Contacts:
Contacts purely related to your niche. They are a real aid in boosting up your loyal traffic. These could be increased by a good pace by the help of Emailing lists, follow popups and most importantly giving social media links on suitable places.

Contacts = Traffic & Traffic = Money:

Social Contacts have an important role in Revenue 

This topic doesn’t need any explanation. The more contacts you’ve got and the more targeted ones, you get more exposure to your website/blog, resultantly get more alexa rank and Google PR and resultantly get more sale of your products and a chance to earn more.


What you have to do on first step of your web-base business is to develop good social contacts and lots of them and particularly Targeted and loyal ones. So more you focus on Social Relations, more you earn from any sort of living you have. Thats for sure.

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Thanks for Your Time!!!

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