In the whole junk of posts regarding the method of submitting our blogger blog to Google search engine, I couldn’t understand a single one.

So I tried to write this simplest method to do so so that the new bloggers (and even some old bloggers) might find it useful.

Just Copy My Steps:

1. Add Your Site to Google Webmaster Tools (skip this step if your site is already added)
(Approve your site by the method they tell you)

2. Click on your website in Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Click on Sitemaps and Click ADD/TEST A SITE MAP

4. Write “atom.xml?redirect=false&max-results=500” in the text box. And click Add Site Map.

5. Again click on ADD/TEST A SITE MAP.

Click on red button

6. Write “posts/feeds/full” in the text box and click Add Site Map.

7. Wait for 10 minutes.

8. You are done.

9. Wasn’t it too simple???

10. Share your opinion in comments.

Thanks for reading… 😉


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