Yesterday, I was trying to Publish a post on my blog. Believe me, after thirty-first try, I was able to publish it successfuly.

No matter that the new interface is a bit catchy in its look, and probably has got some of the new features, but when it comes to QUALITY, unfortunately it lacks it. I really missed the old interface yesterday and made intention to write a post to raise my voice to the Google.

Not only me, I’ve heard several bloggers complaining about the new interface. In my opinion it is a great technical flaw in the Google policies to abandon such a user-friendly and easy to use interface. Now this heavier one is very difficult to cop on with (atleast for me)

Some big flaws in the New Interface:

1. The new post text editor is very wierd:
The older text editor (when creating a new post) was not in look very much good, but in speed and user-interface it was exceptional. This newer one is good in look but it has many flaws, major of which is this error message which appears a hundred times while writing a post.

An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again.Ignore warning
2. Low Quality Stats Graphs:
Stats graphs are bit edgy from before and take yet more time than normal to open.
Old Interface we miss you!!!

3. Image uploading takes  a loooaaat of time:

Whenever you have written an article and tend to upload an image on your post it takes ages to do so. I spent 20 minutes just to upload one image last night. (‘Aaaaarghhh‘ was my reaction)
Its enough Google! Now is the time to enable back the old interface:
Google technical staff must react to this outcome of millions of bloggers and they should abondon their policy of “one company to rule them all” and must think for the betterment of their users.
In my opinion, it should be up to the users to choose which blogging interface he wants to enjoy. In this way blogging experience of the users like me which are still un able to cop on with the new interface will surely improve.
What I need from all my Blogger friends:
Is that please spread my word to all the people in your reach. Comment on this post more and more. Tell the Google authorities that you are not in ease with this new interface and that we want the older one back.
Please share this article on Facebook, Twitter, other social networks or wherever you can to make this a voice of whole of the blogosphere community.
For WordPress Users:
You are also requested to please join our cause and help us fight our way to a better blogging experience.. Share our voice to the world please join hands with us.
I do hope the interface will soon be back online.
[— Even after writing this post, I am struggling and hoping to get it published … 😉 —]


  1. I actually went through the entire process of transferring my Blogger blogs to WordPress, only to discover that Google merely stole the terrible new Blogger design from WordPress (although to their credit, in WordPress you can actually publish a post without getting hundreds of error messages). Are there any other alternatives?

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