There are many definitions for Search Engine Optimization.

Some write many damn pages to describe what it is. But I don’t think so that its explanation needs more than two rare paragraphs.

In my words “SEO is nothing but the choosing of such words for the content of your site which are searched the most around the globe”.

I don’t know you agree with me or not. But this is what I’ve learned after my 13 years web experience. If you know a better explanation, I’ll welcome it whole heartedly.

People think that courses are required for getting yourself trained in SEO, they might be right to some extent, but according to my experience good SEO is just a show of your mind and an exhibitance of your intelligence.

Yes, I do agree that studying its various aspects and methodologies and applying them to your blog / website might help you to get more and more better, but, the real thing is the presence of your mind while posting content on your website/blog/etc.

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