Using Twitter Hashtags (#) to Get Quick Blog Traffic

Hashtags are very useful in Twitter particularly in generating quick traffic. In this article we will learn how actually Twitter Hashtags work and how could you use them at right times to boost your blog traffic.

By correctly using Hash Tags many bloggers are generating hundreds of visitors from Twitter.

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How Hash Tags Work:

Hash Tags are sort of ‘Categories’ in Twitter, which assign a particular category to our tweet.
For example I have written a post including tips on Word Press. And I want to generate Quick Twitter Traffic on that post. All I have to do is to include hit #HashTags in the Tweet somewhere.

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In fact Hash Tags are associated with search results of the tab # Discover on the top navigation menu of the twitter.

So in my Word Press post, I just need to add some highly Trending Hash tags for example: #WordPress, #WPPlugins, #WPTips, #WordPressBlog, #Blogging etc.

Discover gives the results of Hash Search

Now when somebody on Twitter searches for #Blogging category on Twitter he will also find your Tweet, and if you gave hashtag wisely, one Tweet can give you thousands of visits.

My Method of Using Hash Tags:
My Method of using HashTags

In the above Image, I have demonstrated how I will share this post using hashtags effectively.

I hope you will like and appreciate this article. I’ll be waiting for your comments about the article. Any informative comments will be most welcome. But remember, no spamming!

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  1. Matt Hayden
    December 22, 2012

    Hash tags can be powerful. And not just for often searched generic words like blogging, SEO, jobs etc. They can often be highly specific.

    For example, television shows usually have their own hash tags. When they’re being broadcast, countless people will be searching for them on Twitter. So if you can find a TV show that is of interest to people in your niche and tweet good info when it is being shown, you can often get a great reaction.


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