Many bloggers just comment on different blogs to create backlinks to their blog. In many WordPress blogs, this difficulty has solved by CommentLuv commenting system through which backlinking is as easy as 1-2-3.

But what if we want to create backlinks on blogger blogs with the default blogger commenting system activated on them. Still there are thousands of blogs with this system enabled. Should we leave them? Could’nt they also be used for Link Building???

My answer is, yes they could. But what if we use Anonymous for commenting and just post our link between, or at the end of the comment body.

But Oh! This looks like spamming and the blogger blogs with good PR and AR will surely have comment moderation enabled and they will never approve your comment in this form.

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Creating Backlinks:

Backlinks Creating

But through following quick tip you could easily build a good backlink to your blog on such blogs with no spamming problem.

How to Do It??

Its quite simple. Just copy my steps.

Important Point:

In order to make your comment able to be approved you must have to write to the point, give some critical points from the article you are commenting on, this will create a picture of you as a professional blogger in the mind of the blog owner.

Remember! You will have to use psychology on the blog owner to have your blog link approved.

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After writing your clean and informative comment select Name/URL from the drop-down list named “Comment as”.

In name field, write “Your Blog name + word ‘blog’ “, for example as my blog’s name is TechnoDoze, I will write “TechnoDoze Blog”, or “Technology Blog” or some other suitable keyword in the name field.

Now in URL field, you could easily give URL of your blog/website and then click on Countinue.

This will give you a good back link without any “spammer” label on you or your blog.

Try it and then tell me how was your experience.

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