I was very cautious about my Alexa Traffic Rank when I just created my blog. So, I took screenshots of my rank jumping up every day.

This might be a good strategy if you want to analyze speed of your ranking up! I had a lot of fun watching my Alexa Rank going up and up day by day. (Though I always say that Alexa Rank must not be your first priority, Quality content must be your first priority.)

How I Increased my Alexa Rank in just 4 months???

People spend ages for increasing their Alexa Rank, but I, thanks to some mind blowing strategies achieved am Alexa rank from 22,666,476 to 634,434 (and still growing) in a short time of 4 months.

So, I thought it must be amusing as well as informative for you too to see how TechnoDoze’s Alexa Rank increased day by day and composed this success story between years 2012-2013. I hope you will also be able to increase alexa rank of your site after reading this article.

Sep 24, 2012., The day when I started my blog:

The first Alexa Rank of appeared was 22,666,476 which is a very big number. But I was happy that my site atleast appeared on

And then, to my amusement, in only three days, it jumped to 8,429,699. In fact some of my pages were not indexed on search engines when I started, and when I posted them to Google searched engine, my Alexa Rank increased swiftly.

It was when I was receiving 20-50 daily pageviews.

You should also submit your blog to Google if you haven’t done it yet, I have created an easy article on how to submit your blog sitemap easily on Google.

In fact, I was in real sense a “newbie-blogger” at that time. My biggest mistake was that I focused on the number of posts rather than quality of posts.

As learning is a steady process, so I countinued to learn basic blogging strategies and improved day by day. I started to concentrate on my SEO techniques and how could I get maximum output from minimum work.

So I countinued to improve my website and kept posting more and more quality articles.

October, 2012:

When October started my Alexa Rank had hit 8,380,522. This was exactly on 4th October. More shocks were awaiting me. After only 4 days my blog progressed with nearly 2x speed. Means that it progressed to 4,834,346. That is roughly 4,000,000 points increment. Just imagine! This much progress only in four days.

I always say that Alexa rank must not be your priority, but in fact I got a lot of inspiration from this rapid Alexa Rank progress and I started to work even harder.

October 2012
November, December, and January:

As November progressed I gave daily time to my blog and kept writing more engaging and inspiring content. Till Nov, 20 I had achieved daily progress in thousands and on Nov 20, 2011 Alexa Rank of TechnoDoze had hit 3,127,267. At that time I had 200-300 daily visitor.


December flew with a speed of 200mph and I got no time of taking screenshots of Alexa Rank but worked on daily basis on my blog.

When 2013 progressed I had got rid of 7-digit Alexa rank and it had entered in 9m. I was happy. At least happier then when I had just created my blog. And today when I am writing this article, my Alexa Rank has now hit 634,434 and is on its way to progress. I have also achieved a daily visitor of 600-800 which is indeed a success.

Which Factors made me Successful???

I believe success has no limits. Even if you have achieved #1 Alexa Rank, there’s still room to improve yourself, so I do not feel myself real successful, but I am successful atleast for the newbie bloggers. The bloggers for whom I write.

So, I am stating below some of the methods I adapted on this blog in the form of points. It will be my pleasure if any bit of it helps you. 🙂

Strategies I follow on My Blog:

I think I’ve listed above many of my strategies for better blogging experience.
I am also listing some of my famous blogging articles which might benefit you a lot.
Some Best Blogging Articles on TechnoDoze:


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