Dear Blogger Friends!

Many times when I am writing a blog post or editing one of my sections of my blog, the idea which comes to my mind is about a File Hosting Service in Blogger.

No matter is one of the leading Blogging platforms of the world and hosts millions of blogs, but a big flaw it has might be the lack of a file hosting service.

I am not saying about the 5GB or 10 GB space, it might just be 5MB to 10MB, just for uploading some of our script files or CSS stylesheets.

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Need For A File Hosting Service in Blogger:

Thus, in my opinion, really needs to open a tiny file hosting service for its users to enhance them with some innovation. Every company on the web works for the cause of its users. And if is really sincere with its users, it must start a file hosting service.

As now, when we have to change a single line in our template, we have to open that huge template file, search for it and then change code. This process takes too much time and energy.

All Bloggers! Please stand by my cause to impress upon Blogger pals to start a synced file hosting service.

Following are some benefits bloggers can enjoy from a file hosting service.

  • Easy to Upload And Edit CSS / JScript files synced with their blog.
  • Upload some image files i.e Logo, Favicon
  • Time saving in editing a partial portion of Blogger template.
  • We can also save some of our template backups and also blog backups.
All Bloggers Please Support My Cause:

Please share this cause on to the Social Media and to all your blogger community so that the need of a Blogger File Hosting service might be spread to all the blogosphere.
I know this is not only my voice, it is the voice of hundreds (may be thousands) of other bloggers, especially those who use custom templates for blogger and who enhance their blog by implementing CSS or JS themselves.
Their is no lack of resources as far as administratives are concerned, the need is to tell them that we do need a file hosting service. This will also stop 50% of the users which prefer to switch on due to this very reason (no file hosting service).

Also Give Your Opinion:

I’ve told you the opinion of myself and hundreds of other users. If you are also a blogger user and your thinking is otherwise, it would be nice to hear from you. Please post your comments in the comments section below.

But if you are agreed with my cause, then must share this post with all your friends and other bloggers, so that we may raise our voice to the authorities.

Thanks for Reading.

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