Do You Blog for Money? 5 Really Helping Tips for You!

“Monetization” is one of the common reasons for which one could blog. And if you admit it or not more than 80% bloggers do blog for money.

Blogging can give you money. But only if you do it wisely!

But not more than 15% of them do really succeed in making money from Blogging due to the unsuccessful tactics they use for making money.

There are some easy-to-follow tips which can boost up your Blogging Money and after knowing that Money Earning in one of the basic reason behind Blogging for 80%+ bloggers, I decided to scribble them up here.

I am sure these tips will really help you in increasing your online monthly income.

1. Never Expose that You Blog for Money:

If you really want to blog for money, don’t blog for it apparently. Always bear in mind your user interest in mind. Make your writings more and more perfect so that you may attain loyal audience which could boost your blog sky-high.

So, research thoroughly before writing an article. Never post a scrap article as it may reduce ranking of your blog in the minds of your loyal readers. Always give your best to each and every post on your blog. So when you get a lot of traffic and a lot of loyal readers, then monetization will no more be an issue.

2. Utilize Your Available Time in More Useful Way!

The money you gain from any field of monetization is dependent on the Time you Give for that field.
And more importantly how you utilize less time and use it in more effective way.

Don’t Waste your time on, say Facebook chat or other time-passing activity as it will waste your useful time. Instead, utilize that time researching for blog post ideas or writing them up on notebook.

3. Use SEO Tools to Boost up Your Traffic:

SEO Tools are very important in placing your posts on top in search engines results. Never ignore their importance and always use them in generating killer blog post titles, quality and most searched keywords, as they determine your mastership over the blogosphere.

Chrome Extentions, Firefox Plugins and several other tools might help you to get the required results in less time. Try to utilize them maximum!

4. Use an Ad Monetization Platform Like Adsense:

The perfect time to apply for an ad program is when your daily visitor hit 400-500 and this is the time when you can easily make a good money from blogging. But programs like Google Adsense have very strict rules of approving the requests.

Alternatively, you could also apply for other Ad Platforms like Infolinks, Chitika and several more. They have a less PPC (Pay Per Click) ratio but still they pay!

5. Never Give Hope if You Earn Less in Start:

No person can become millionaire in a month nor a blogger can get $1000 in a month. So, all you require for Earning Money with Blogging is, patience.

Just remember a few things:

  • Don’t Try to be Over Smart!
  • Stick to the Basics and
  • Give Your Best Effort to Improve Your Blog Quality
  • Then You will Surely Increase Your Blogging Revenue in a very little time!
I hope you must have liked these Tips.

Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comment section below!

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  1. TechAllianz
    January 8, 2013

    If we start bloggng just for making money from the very first day then no doubt our blogging career will just go to hell.

  2. Chezka Aguila
    March 27, 2013

    Wow thank you for letting us know about this! want to earn now this is really interesting since Im still taking up mycertified financial planner course this will be a big help for me to have extra income thanks for sharing!

  3. VideoCroc
    April 16, 2013

    I think that last one is more important than other tips! Many people think if they start blog, money will start raining… No its not ! You must have patiance…


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