Best 2013 Tips to Increase Website Traffic with Commenting

2013 must be a year for you to use blog commenting to increase your Website Traffic. Because this source of traffic generation has proved very valuable for many bloggers.

Get Website Traffic with Commenting

Blog Commenting is one of the major sources to drive traffic on your blog. But as you have to build some strategies to get real traffic from Social Media, just like that, you have to follow some methods to get good traffic from Blog Commenting.

Many bloggers are re-activating their blog posts through commenting on different blogs. I will tell you some strategies which will definitely help you in the upcoming year 2013 to boost your blog traffic through blog commenting.

What is Commenting:

This topic “What is Commenting” is so obvious to many of you but it is my habit to cover each and every aspect of the topic I’m writing on.

Commenting is basically a method of feedback offered to the bloggers by their visitors and it is the major source of blogger-visitor interaction. It is a way to discuss different articles.

For example you are a blogger and you’ve written an article about a WordPress plugin. One of the visitor finds it difficult to install it in his blog. Then he will surely ask you about how to install it. I’m sure you’ve now you’ve understood what really is commenting.

Why Does a Blogger Expect to be Commented upon:

It is the human nature that he demands praise for his work. And if you use this praising rightly, you could well earn traffic as well as Links In (back links) to your blog/website.

Some major reasons for a blogger to demand comments are:

  • To get encouragement for his work: Every one who has given his best effort in writing a blog post wants that some one might admire his work.
  • To add something to his articles: Because no person could be perfect, he might miss some important points while writing his article which could be pointed out by some of the commentators.
  • To get his blog more engaged: Blog commenting makes a blog more “engaged”. Engaged simply means “talked about”. So the author thinks that his post was worth something that is why its being “talked about”.
  • To increase relations with blogosphere: Increasing relationships with other bloggers is also a great way to get your blog more popular. Some people might demand commenting for this purpose.
For whatever purpose a blogger wants his blog to be commented upon, my real emphasis is that how could we achieve maximum benefit from commenting on blogs.

So I’ve chosen the following 6 “Best Tips” from many of them which might help you to attain maximum benefit from Blog Commenting.

6 Best Tips to Increase Website / Blog Traffic with Commenting:

Getting maximum benefit from blog commenting is not that simple as it looks. It is a complete separate category of Traffic Building Tips, that is why I’ve chosen this New Year 2013 for Blog Commenting and to furnish my skills in blog commenting.
I also suggest you to give your special attention to blog commenting along with Audience Building and Content creating.
However, in this post I am going to share some top secrets of blog commenting which will help you in getting more traffic from less commenting.

1. Choosing Of The Blog To Comment On:
Choosing the blog/website to comment on is an important thing to do before starting blog commenting.
Try to choose that blog which has the following qualities:
  • Higher Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank: This determines the competitiveness of the blog with other blogs/websites. The higher the GPR and AR, the better the blog to comment on.
  • Faster Pageload time: This increases the visitor ratio of a blog. If a blog has a slow pageload time, people start ignoring it if it has very good SEO.
  • Regular Content Update: Try to examine the pattern with which the content is updated on the blog. Google and other search engines prefer those blogs/websites to show in results which are continuously being updated. So choose a blog which is updated atleast two days a week.
  • Good Social Media Presence: Check if the target blog has good presence over social media websites. A strong Facebook fan page and a High Follower Twitter account can do the job for you!
2. Create a List of Some Top Blogs:

Create a list of 20-100 blogs (according to the daily available time) and create your habit to post comments regularly.
  • Always give the extra time to commenting. Never compromise on your time of writing content as it is the basic thing for you.
  • How ridiculous it looks! You don’t even have some quality content on your blog and you are engaged with blog commenting to get traffic.
  • The question is, where exactly do you want to get traffic if you don’t have a good blog to get traffic on??
  • So if you are within those people who are listed above, first try to manage your blog and post some quality content on it so that it may attain a few loyal readers.
  • Creating loyal readers is the biggest success of a blog without any doubt. “Loyal readers” refers to the people who view your blog, find it useful, and bookmark it for further reading. These are the much needed asset for a successful blog.
So, create and manage your list of blogs. Remove those blogs continuously from those you don’t keep getting traffic. In place of them keep adding more blogs with good rankings.
3. Prefer Blogs with CommentLuv Installed:
CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that enhances the effectiveness of blog commenting to many degrees further. It allows the commentator to backlink his recent post along with the comment.
Save a list of CommentLuv enabled blogs and after writing every post, comment on at least 50-100 blog posts where CommentLuv is enabled.

This will give you 100 free backlinks to your new post and consequently will surely help it going viral.
Create a list of blogs in your niche in most probable Page Rank order. It means that place page rank 6 blogs on top, page rank 5 blogs after that and so on.

I’ve created a continuously updated list of CommentLuv enabled blogs which could be viewed. If you have a CommentLuv enabled blog, you could add it to this list of CommentLuv enabled blogs.

4. Try to be the First Commentator on New Posts:

Keep an eye for the new blog posts especially on very High Page rank and Alexa Rank blogs. Comment on the new posts and try to be in top three commentators as those are the most prominent ones.
It has the benefit that if you are the first commentator, then every user who will read that blog post will surely look at your comment and if the link of that post you shared matches his niche he will open it.
If you are not the first commentator and the post has many comments, still you want your comment to appear just below the post then post reply to the first or second comment. (only for threaded comments enabled blogs.)
5. Comment for Back-Linking, but Don’t Exhibit It Openly:

The basic purpose behind your commenting must be back linking but when you show it only comment for this purpose, you slowly gain a reputation of a “spammer” which might affect your back linking on a particular blog.
Give some critical and knowledge-full comments and give back links in a way which describe that you are not willing to give back-links.
This is a kind of Blogging-Psychology which you have to apply on the target author to let him think fine about you!

6. Back Linking on Websites / Blogs with No CommentLuv:

When there is no CommentLuv enabled in a blog / website, its a bit difficult to give your back-link, and if you directly give link to your blog, moderators of the blogs with high PR will never approve your comment.
What to do in that case then?? Should we leave all those millions of blogs and not use them for back linking and ultimately for traffic building?? Surely not!
I’ve written a separate post on how to give back-links on Blogger default commenting system:

I am also opting to write an article on creating backlinks on non-CommentLuv WordPress blog. I’ll (IA) post link of it here after writing.


So, we can conclude that if Blog Commenting is rightly utilized, it can give us so much traffic and back-links, but for rightly using it, we need a joint application of “Wisdom” and “Blogging-Psychology”

All I Need From You, is Feedback:
Your comments are most welcome by me! If you want to post your query about any thing, I welcome you to do so. But please remain within ethics.
Thanks for now!
Hopefully meet you soon in another article!
Till then, Good Bye!

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    I think that it feels spammy if you are MAINLY commenting on blogs with CommuntLuv. Lots of comments I find with CommuntLuv seems to not add as much value to the conversation like Disqus. I tried CommentLuv on my own blog, since I do believe it’s very cool to thank your commenters/readers somehow, but in the end preferred Disqus.

    A key point to keep in mind is that CommentLuv admins can set up their comment links to ‘nofollow’ under settings, meaning that commenters may be commenting because they think it will influence the ranking of their own blog, which in fact it may not! So, if you are commenting for that purpose you are outta luck and should start commenting regardless… like on this post, since there is no CommentLuv here. 😉

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