There are different reasons behind the success of many bloggers. Some of them might have all the available resources through which they do not face much financial problem and can freely give their best to their blog(s).

But a big cluster of bloggers do not succeed in blogging, not because they do not have the writing ability nor they are dull or unintellectual. This is because they do not have enough resources or time to keep their blog up the order. They might also be called “Poor Bloggers”.

Poor Bloggers are a great asset of blogosphere. And its common observation that such bloggers do produce better results as compared with financially stable bloggers if they ever get a chance to do so.

This are because they believe in hardworking and prefer it on money spending.

Some of many difficulties which Poor Bloggers could face are:

  • Short of Money to Buy a Domain in Start
  • Short of Money to Pay for their Blog Hosting or Domain
  • Lack of a High Speed PC
  • No Internet Connection Available
  • Slow Speed Internet Connection
  • Lack of Time due to any Part-time job they do
  • Power Shortages (particularly in Asian countries)

So, I’ve listed a few of those factors which might compel you to do away with blogging.

But, wait!

Don’t Give up too early! Blogging is not a career to leave. It is such a benefactory field which could be adapted by any person. Either you are a student, an engineer, a house-wife, a kid, a lawyer, an artist or whatever you are. You could easily keep going on with blogging in your extra time.

All you need is hope and encouragement.

Remember! Giving up hope is always first step to disaster.  Irrespective of the task in which you are giving up hope. And this quotation applies not only to blogging but to all the fields of life.

7 Blogging Tips for Poor Bloggers of 2013

As years are passing by, Blogging techniques are being changed. So we should get ourselves updated with fresh tips and exclusive techniques.

I’ve written 10 useful tips for the poor bloggers of 2013 which will be helpful in solving their difficulties. I am sure this is going to help you as I am writing it after thorough research.

1. Try to Write More and More Locally:

If you face an Internet Availability or Internet Speed problem, just make a habit to write more and more locally. The best way to write locally is to write in default text editor of your PC OS. Means use Notepad/Wordpad in Windows machine to write articles on.

The most time spent during generating a new blog post is surely the time of writing content / main body of the post. So, use Notepad or any other suitable text editor to locally write blog posts and after that, proof read them.

This technique will also save your internet volume in case you are using a fixed volume internet connection.

2. Never Miss Any Post Idea that Comes to Your Mind:

A major difficulty that many bloggers face is to find blog post ideas. This problem can be solved very easily if you use your mind a bit wisely.

When I am writing a blog post I come across many new post ideas related to different aspects of that article.
Another reason for why you get ideas during writing is that you are thinking during writing, and a thinking person can create more ideas.

So create a separate notepad file during writing a post, and keep noting on it the new post ideas that come to your mind.

As for me, I generally get 5-10 new exceptional post ideas while writing a 1000 words blog post.

3. Use Your Cell Phone / Notebook to Scribble Up Post Ideas:

An important component of writing a Killer Blog Post is to get a suitable idea for that. And you get ideas in many forms. Some times when I am on my bed and thinking about my blog, suddenly a Killer Post idea comes to my mind.

All I did in past is to try to remember the idea, but as my IQ is not too high, I generally forgot those ideas. But now, I use my mobile to store all the post ideas that come to my mind.

Just follow the procedure given below to do the same.

  • Open Create New Message in your mobile phone.
  • Write all the ideas which come in your mind.
  • Save the text message as draft.
  • And when you are online Create drafts on your blog with the post names saved in your cell phone drafts folder.
  • After that when you get time, write the posts.
  • By following this technique you could resolve the problem of blog post idea generation to much extent.
4. Use Services like Mail2Blogger:

Mail2Blogger is a service offered by Blogger which allow us to post new articles using our Email client. So if you are having a slow internet connection and want to save your volume/time you must use this service.

You can also edit the posts later on which are posted using Mail2Blogger service. So this service is worth using if you are having internet speed issue.
5. Use HootSuite to manage your Social Media:

HootSuite is not only a great Social Media managing tool, but it is also a great tool to schedule your Tweets or Post Updates on Social Media.
I rate this tool 10/10 in its efficiency for Social Media updated content.
I recommend you using this tool, if you have not internet available at all the times. You can use this tools to Automatically Tweet about your blog or anything else you want to.
HootSuite provides free service for upto 5 Social Media accounts. So, you can easily enjoy this service free of cost and enjoy the virality due to Tweeting and Facebooking.
6. Use Laptops or Other Battery Backup Sources to Cope Up with Power Failures:
In some under developed countries, power failures are a major source of interruption in Blogging. To overcome this problem, you can use laptops, smartphones, or other battery powered sources to have your work saved if it happens to be Power Failure.
Also make a habit to save your post regularly so that you may lose less work in case of power failure.
If you can support it, you might install Uninterpreted Power Supply (UPS) to prevent your work from losing.
7. Use Blog Monetization to Earn Money For Buying Domain etc:
If you are short of money, you can use your blog to earn money for you. You can easily apply Google Adsense or other Advertising platforms to turn your blog traffic into cash.
But major thing which determines earning of your blog is the quality of your content and partially its quantity.
Winding Up!
I hope you must have liked these tips and if you could add a tip I will encourage you. Post them below in comments box.
Now I want to depart from you till the next article.
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