6 Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank in 2013

Increasing Alexa Rank is the utmost desire of every website owner / blogger as it determines the ranking of our Website / Blog in the WWW.

There are many methods which can boost up your Alexa Rank with or without spending money.

Due to the desire of so many bloggers and website owners to Increase their Alexa Rank, I decided to write some exclusive Killer Tips for Increasing Your Alexa Rank which will help you in increasing your Alexa Rank in the upcoming year 2013.

So lets continue with the article.

Which Factors Determine Alexa Rank???

The following factors determine the Alexa Rank for any Website / Blog.

  • Daily Page Views: The count of the people who visit your Blog / Website on daily basis. The Alexa feature of daily updating your stats can bring your website / blog on top within very less time if you can drive traffic to your website.
  • Page Views per User: The number of page views for a particular user. It is more if your blog / website has more engaging / informative / interesting stuff related to its particular niche.
  • Search Engine Indexing: The more indexed pages and the more appearing on first search pages are purely dependent on how powerful is your SEO. The more optimized is your SEO, the higher is your Search Engine Indexing, and consequently, the more is your “Traffic” and the higher is your Alexa rank.
  • Time Each User Spends on Your Website / Blog: If your blog has more catching stuff and the more a person visits it is dependent on the more engaging stuff it has.
  • The Number of Backlinks (Links In): The number of backlinks to your website / blog also determine the increasing of your Alexa Rank. They could easily be increased by Blog Commenting, Guest posting, Social Media and many other sources.
6 Exclusive Tips of 2013 to Increase Alexa Rank:

I’ve collected some of the best tips which might help you to Increase Your Alexa rank in the year 2013. I hope that they help you!

1. Concentrate on “Quality” rather than Quantity:

This is a key which can open to you the door to success in blogging. Quantity is not much important as Quality.
Quality includes the optimization of the post, choosing of the relevant and hit keywords, and most importantly  choosing of an attractive Post Title. If I tell you about me, I spend 40% of total available time in choosing Post Title, and I finally get agreed with one after changing it at least 10 times.
Always Remember! One high ranking, rightly contented and Perfectly SEO Optimized blog post can give you more traffic than 100s of scrap posts.

Blogging is not about how much time you give to it, its about how wisely you use your available time. Always bear this in your mind. 

So, apply every thing which you can on your blog post before finally publishing it. And if you did it rightly (anyone can, who gives his full effort to it) you will get Viral in Search Engines, and you will no longer have to totally rely on Social Media to get Traffic.

2. Try to Create Maximum Backlinks to Your Website:
Back links (Links In in the language of Alexa) are also a measure of highness your Alexa Rank. The more links in you get, the more traffic is you get, and of coarse! the higher Alexa rank you aquire.
There are many ways to create powerful back links to your blog / website. Some most important one I’m couting here:
  • Comment on Other Blogs
  • Prefer the Blogs with CommentLuv for Commenting
  • Comment on the blogs related to your niche.
  • Contribute on High PR Forums and Use Signature to Get Back-Links
3. Claim your Website on Alexa.com:

Claiming your website on Alexa.com gives you an opportunity to set a short description of your Website on Alexa.com which might help you to get better search results.

Alexa has its own procedure of claiming your website and its quite easy. So, I recommend you to claim your website / blog on Alexa and set a short, rightly SEOed description.

4. Give Catching Back Links In Your Popular Posts:

Analyze your posts that receive maximum traffic for some days, then back link some of your posts in those posts. They might give you an extra bit of Pageviews / user.

Make your hyperlinks eye-catching by following some / all of the tips given below.

  • Bold the Hyperlink given
  • Set a title that is more related to the post you are back linking on.
  • Never add rel=”nofollow” on the links.
  • Add a beautiful and urging CSS Styling for hyperlinks.
5. Put an Alexa Review Banner on Your Website:
Alexa also ranks a website by the basis of user reviews it received. If you have a strong audience then add a motivational Alexa Review Banner on your Blog / Website that may allow the users to review about your Website on Alexa.com.

The more reviews might result you in a better Alexa position.

6. Use Rank Boosting Tools to Increase Your Alexa Rank:

Some tools on the web help you to boost up your Alexa rankings in less time. You can use them and get free or paid traffic to your blog which might help you to get better rankings in a very short time. Because Alexa Ranking is all about traffic and pageviews.
Some leading tools worth trying are YourAlexaRanking, Rankage etc (Google for more)
So, I think these tips are enough for now, if you know a better method of Increasing Alexa Rank, I will appreciate to you for sharing it here.

Good Bye!


  1. VArun
    January 7, 2013

    Nice content..! Thanks.!

  2. Rohan Advani
    January 9, 2013

    Thanks for the tips buddy!!

  3. Isra M.
    January 17, 2013

    Thanks, very helpful for my blog,,

  4. Ismailia Press
    February 4, 2013

    Thanks for the share!!

  5. Anuj Sharma
    February 25, 2013

    Great tips to achieve good alexa rankings to improve the massive traffic of website.

  6. Ali
    August 2, 2017

    There are different ways to increase Alexa rank. Only a single way cannot improve Alexa rank.Alexa rank will be updated once in 2-3 days. While you intend to increase Alexa and work on it, you can see the change gradually.Focus on bloggers forums and sharing groups to increase Alexa rank quickly.
    So I know you were waiting for the best ways which are essential to increase Alexa rank of your blog and stand in the top positions in blogging network

  7. Emankhan
    August 2, 2017

    There are many metrics like Page Rank, Domain Authority available on The Internet, So why I focus on boosting an Alexa Rank?
    The answer is,
    Many advertisers (not Google Adsense) focus on Alexa rank for advertising on your website.
    So it’s Important to get lower Alexa rank for every webmaster who depends on that type advertiser to get advertisement.


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