4 Killer SEO Tips I learned by writing a Guest Post on ABT

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I’ve written a Guest Post recently on AllBloggingTips, a Page Rank 3 blog which is owned by a Pakistani blogger Ammar Ali. I learned several very valuable things related to blogging and SEO and how to write a perfectly SEO optimized blog post.

Before that I thought it useless to write guest posts, in my opinion, writing guest posting was just to waste your writing skills for promoting another person’s blog.

When I Guest Posted on ABT (Logo courtesy AllBloggingTips.com)

But after reading so much stuff on guest posts, I decided to go for it. And the results were shocking. I will also share the results with you in this article. So lets proceed with the topic.

Click here to view my article on ABT.

Guest Posting is Really Worth Trying:

Especially if you are a newbie blogger and your blog lies somewhere below 100,000 Alexa Rank. Guest posing could have several very valuable advantages.

Some of them are:

  • Increasing Your Traffic
  • Get Traffic From Other Blogs
  • Build Relations with Other Bloggers
  • Getting yourself recognized as an author.
  • Learning some awesome Blogging strategies.
  • Rest of them are related with First point, e.g. Earning Money, Selling Your Products etc. All that is related with Traffic building.
So, after my experience with ABT Blog I strongly recommend you to try guest posting. It not only increases your blog exposure but also teaches you some killer SEO tips which might well help you to earn a good standard.
Some Killer SEO Tips I learned by writing A Guest Post on ABT:
I learned very valuable SEO tips when I wrote an article on ABT blog some of which I will try to teach you too. Using these tips I have increased my blog traffic per post upto 400% and all coming from search engines.
So let me compose a list of tips I learned by writing a guest post on ABT.
1. Better Title Selection:

Post title is that “key” which opens up doors of traffic to the particular article whose title you are selecting. If you select a high trending title (title that is more often searched on search engines), you can easily get as much traffic as on 10 low trending articles.

So, before publishing a blog post one should have a deep thinking about setting title of that post. Think upon two or three (or even more) possible titles for your post and research about their SEO credibility using some SEO software which are available free of cost.

Google Trends is a very important tool that I use to set my post titles. It gives us results for a particular keyword or group of keywords from the past ten years. This helps us to set a better title according to the changing trends.

When I Wrote in ABT:

When I posted a guest article in All Blogging Tips, at that time I had not a mere idea of this “Title Game”. I generally focused on post content and not its title.

But before publishing my post, Ammar Ali, owner of ABT, asked me about some suitable titles for my post, I told him three of them and then he choose the most simple and the keywords that are more often searched, so the post rocked… 😉   [ Particularly because I wrote it. ]

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2. Add Keywords in Article and Bolding Them:

Once you have decided a title for your post, and included in it the keywords which are more trending ones. The next step is to add those keywords in the main body of your post and particularly bold them.

The major reason of bolding the letters is that search engines more often look-up for the strings enclosed within a pair of  and  tags. So add bold text decoration to the keywords related with the title of your post.

3. Add a nice Search Description for your post:

Search Description is the text which is displayed below the post title in the Google or other search engines’ search results. It is very important as it is the second impression of your post, and after title user reads it, so if it is set rightly, it can give you thousands of search engine visits.

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Blogger.com blogs have an option to set separate Search Description for each of the post. I recomment you to work on it also before publishing a post.

4. Appreciate User Comments to Get Your Blog Engaged:

User comments are an important source for bloggers and readers to connect / conversate with each other. And if your post is commented more, your blog has more readers, and resultantly, you have more audience and thats all what you want… 😀

So, appreciate reader comments. Give some strings that compel your readers to comment on your post.
It will surely increase your pageviews and GPR.

Never Stop Learning Process:

One last word! Human beings can never ever be perfect. So always continue to learn more and more aspects of blogging. It will surely make you better and better and better and better, till you will attain the status of a “semi-perfectionist”.

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  1. zolar
    March 5, 2013

    totally agree with your killer SEO tips

  2. Md shoyab
    September 9, 2019

    Nice post on SEO tips these tips are very helpful for a new blogger


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