3 Best Chrome Extentions for Bloggers in 2013

Extentions are a great innovation in Google Chrome which allow us to do whatever we want with our Google Chrome. In this article, I will review three top rated Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers.

The following three extentions are the pick of the extentions by me for the year 2013. Hope that you will also like and appreciate them.

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1. WebRank SEO:

– Introduction:

It is a great extention, and comes perfectly upto my need in its features. It allows the users to judge a Website/Blog completely through a single click. Many times we need to check PageRank, Alexa rank or other Web Rankings of a blog or Website for whatever purpose.

Those of you who are Bloggers will surely understand the importance of PageRank or Alexa Rank.
I will give you the list of Rankings which could be analyzed by WebRank SEO through following image.

– Screenshot:

Click to Enlarge

– Add to Chrome:

Click here to go to WebRank SEO page in Chrome Webstore

2. Screen Capture by Google:

– Introduction:

This is the official version of the Google Chrome Extention for screen capturing. This description is enough to describe it that it is designed by Google itself. As a mechanic can design the best parts for a machine which he himself invented, same case here, Google can develop best extentions for its own browser Chrome, because it has invented (developed) Chrome itself.

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– Features:

Can take screenshot of a portion of webpage or whole webpage and exports the image to PNG format which is quality-wise the best format frequently used over the web.

This Extention is also very much appreciated by many Bloggers and you should install it if you post different tutorials or articles on your blog which require screenshot.

You could also make a record for your increasing Alexa rank day by day by saving screenshots of your Alexa rank. This is an important thing to do if you are still analyzing your Alexa Rank progress.

– Screenshot:

Click to Enlarge

– Add to Chrome:

Click here to Add this extention to chrome.

3. Shareaholic for Google Chrome:

– Introduction:

It is an amazing all-in-one sharing extention for Google Chrome, which first shorten the URL of any website / blog / blog post and then allows us to share it to all major social networking websites. I personally use this Extention and I recommend it to all bloggers for boosting up their social media interaction.

– Features:

As explained in Introduction, it allows us to shorten a URL and share it to:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Pinterest
– Tumblr
– WordPress Blog
– Stumble Upon
– LinkedIn
and nearly 40 more social networking and other social linking engines.

Blogger!!! What more do you need??? It is that must-to-have all-in-one sharing extention which every blogger who wishes to be a successful blogger should have.

– Screenshot:

Click to Enlarge

– Add to Chrome:

Click here to Add this extention to Google Chrome.

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Thats It!!!

This is what we had in this post. We will be waiting for your comments, and any informative comments will be welcome.

Have a Good Day!!!


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    February 20, 2013

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  2. maddy
    April 9, 2013

    Thanks for great information.

  3. Hire Yii Developers
    June 11, 2013

    Wow… wonderful information. It is very useful for me and my team. thanks

  4. Lizeth Villalobos
    August 11, 2013

    Indeed nice extension for Chrome, have installed the first one and the last one as they are quite handy…

  5. mukesh
    June 11, 2017



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