11 Killer Tips on “How to Twitter”

Twitter is one of the best known Social Networking Engine and could be used in convenient way for Marketing purposes.

You can judge its expansion by the fact that it is the only Social Networking Website with a 10/10 Google Page Rank and receives billions of daily visits from throughout the world.

Twitter – An effective way of Driving Traffic
Marketing and Twitter:

Marketing and Twitter both have a very close relationship. More than 80% of online companies use Twitter for Marketing and Traffic purposes. You could easily increase your Twitter connections, and in result could easily get a huge exposure to your products and services.

10 Really Working Tips on “How to Twitter”:

1. Get More and More Followers:
(More Followers = More Traffic)

Twitter turns your
Traffic light to green

Followers is the basic key of the magnitude of Traffic which we can draw from Twitter. If a person Follows you, it means that your Tweets will be shown to his Twitter News Feed. And if you’ve got 10,000 Twitter followers, you can roughly get 500 visitors in one minute by just sharing a link.

Increasing the followers is a big contest on Twitter, and getting more followers is getting more Traffic.
There are many ways of getting new Followers, there is another article on our blog which only describes about increasing twitter Followers.

2. Better Use of Hash Tags:

Twitter hash tags (#) are very important when it comes to Trend-setting. When people are searching for a particular trend and you trend your post in the most popular trend, your post may get millions of visits in a minute. Trend setting is a very important part of Twitter Marketing and it requires a completely another article.
I’ve written a separate article regarding the use of Hash Tags.
Read Here: Using Twitter Hash Tags to Quickly Boost Your Blog Traffic

3. Share regularly on Twitter:

Regular sharing is another important thing to do on Twitter.

What I really mean from “Regular Sharing” is that the stuff we post on Twitter is just active after few seconds of our posting, and very rarely is seen afterwards, so you should not avoid sharing anything again just because you have shared it once.

4. Share Stuff at Peak Times:

There are times at Twitter when more users are online and more exposure to your Tweets is possible. Try to share more at that times.

The question arises how to know which time is peak time, for that I have a quick tip here. Just note the frequency of Tweets by others. If the gap between tweets is very few and more tweets are being posted, it is a flow time and a time to act.

5. Add Twitter Post Sharing Button on Your Blog/Website:

A Twitter sharing button on your blog / website might be very much beneficial. It not only allows YOU to repost your old blog posts / product reviews on Twitter but also allow other visitors to post your article on their Twitter timeline. And if you have got Quality stuff, many of them will surely do it.

6. Share Old Posts:

Make it a practice at least once a weak to go through your post archive and post them on Twitter by spending at least an hour just for posting you older posts on Twitter. This will not only increase their Search Engine Indexing, but also will make them active, thus improving your PR, Alexa Rank and other Social Ranks.

7. Make Your Profile look Absolutely Stand-out:

Profile description and look is not only very important in drawing more followers, but a well written, back linked description will also surely give us very loyal traffic.

General pattern through which I follow people (I don’t know about anyone else) is that if the description of them is according to my Blog’s Niche, I generally follow them, and if their is a nice blog-link in the description, I generally open it.

And many times I become regular reader if the content on that particular blog is worth reading. I am sure you’ve got the point. Apply this to your blog.

8. Tweet More Frequently About Your Niche and Niche of your Followers:

Some times, you should go through the profiles of your followers and judge which type of people Follow you the most. Then Tweet about that Niche more often than any other. This will give you more readers.

9. Integrate Twitter with Facebook:

If you have a page on Facebook regarding your product, then you should not be late to integrate it with Twitter. So the stuff you post on twitter be automatically posted on Facebook and vise-versa.
Click here to go to the Facebook-Twitter Linking page if you are not already linking it.

10. Integrate Your Blog with FeedBurner auto Tweet New Post:
(Only for FeedBurner users)

If you use FeedBurner on your blog, you could activate auto-tweet new posts on Twitter.
It is a very amazing option. If you’ve not already using it click here to go to the FeedBurner Account.

11. Beautify Your Profile Picture:

Profile Picture is a big factor when it come to Following and attention diverting. Make your profile picture such that it attracts more and more Followers and people from the Trends and other Social Media.

And thats it from the Twitter Marketing Tips.

I hope you will like them. Have any more ideas about Twitter Marketing?? We will welcome any of the informative comments in the comments section below.

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