Blogging could be

You might call this an act of ridicule of me calling this article “Top Secret Ways”, but as far as I am concerned, these ways ways are really top secret.

I concluded these ways as most working ways after my 13 years web experience.

I can assure you with full guarantee that these methods gonna do something for you as for as your pocket is concerned.

So let me start spilling my 13 years experience onto you. In those thirteen years these 5 are the most successful ways I considered.

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1. Expand Your Social Circles:

This is the top most secret whose worth is not known by most of the Bloggers. In other words, expanding social circles is expanding your business and ultimately expanding your bank linit.

Let me explain what really I mean. So lets suppose you have got a blog with a lot of stuff on it but still the visitor is not upto your demand. You think harder and harder but find no rescue. Suddenly you come to know that what is your problem. You write quality stuff but you don’t let the world know what you are writing.

Now lets think about another person, who has got 30,000 Followers on Twitter, 10,000 fans on facebook page, 3000 followers on linkedIn 5000 followers on digg, and he is in 5000+ GPlus circles and he starts a brand new blog.

Social Interaction is the
base of Blogging

Imagine the time in which he could attain 100,000 Alexa rank. Minimum one rare month.

“Oh my…” must be your reaction. “I’ve been working for so many years and still my Alexa rank has not hit 100,000 and this man, hmphh, has he got a magic wand??” Yes man! He literaly has got a magic wand by the name of “Social Media”

Now the question is how could you increase your social circles in less time, its answer is your cleverness and ability. Pick up the weak keys of Social Media and use them to boost your Social Media interference.

We will try to update some awesome strategies coming from the high-ranked Marketing experts by time, the following articles might help you in your SM strategy building.

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3. Using Twitter HashTags to Get Quick Blog Traffic

2. Try to Create Your Own Products:

Creating some to-be-sale products is not as much difficult as many people think. There are many possibilities through which you could start your own product development and sale them on your blog. This might be the most profitable option for you.

You might use the option of converting your traffic into cash by using PPC programs like Google Adsense but they aren’t my first priority. I might discuss some of their severe disadvantages but I think I am divering from the original topic. PPC demands a completely seperate article.

Below is a list of some of the products you could easily develop yourself and sale them on your blog.

– Templates For Blogger or WordPress:

If you are a bit good at designing in Photoshop or Corel or any other professional designing software like Flash etc, you could easily modify some of the free Blogger or WordPress templates and convert them into awesome templates which you could easily sale on your blog. This might be a very useful option.

– Apps for Android, iOS, Java (.jar) etc:

Android or iOS application development is not too difficult as it sometimes seems to be. Java development only requires a basic Java knowledge. So application development is a skill which can convert your time into cash and it surely will if you show a good devotion to the work.

Designing could be

– Logo / Banner development:

If you are good at designing you could also offer logo/ banner development at your blog. Many people are willing to pay for their designing and you might get a good cash from here too.

Selling Ebooks might be
worth using

– Write Good Ebook on the Topics of Your Expertise:

Ebooks writing is also a source of income for many bloggers. Write books on topics of your expertise. And remember to give a good impression in your books.Because eBook marketing is all about good reputation.

There are many other ways of creating your own products, but I better discuss them in some other aricle.

3. Sale Ad Space Units on Your Blog:

This is an option like PPC, but I prefer this because it doesn’t involve a third-party and doesn’t give soleauthority to Google Adsense (if you are using this PPC program on your blog) to ban your account any time without noclear reason.

It is the fact that Google Adsense never blocks any publisher without any solid reason, but still if we display ads through Adsense whole authority of choosing Ads and choosing rates belongs to Google.

I generally don’t like this third-party involvement. I prefer the customer-publisher direct interaction using which all the disputes could be easily solved.

The biggest benefit of this method is that it is the method with more profit. On a 4 PR blog you could easily earn $100 for a single ad-space. And no risk of the account being blocked. So as far as ads displaying is concerned this method is most secure and profit-full.

You could also use any third-party to sale  ad-space on your website, but the best option is to do it yourself.

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4. Offer Webmaster Services:

If you are good at Web Designing or have a thorough knowledge of PHP / XML / MySQL / Joomla etc, you could get work through your blog. No need to bid on freelancing websites. Your blog traffic might be used to hire yourself for easy online jobs.And many people who need quick result might offer you bigger amounts.

Joomla Installation
can give you a lot of

So try your luck in this field and make yourself an eEarner.
A few of the services which you could offer are listed below.

– WordPress Installation / Debugging
– Joomla Installation / Debugging
– Blogger intalling / Debugging
– Website development
– Software development
– Database managment
– Social Media Updator (Regularly update Twitter account or Facebook Fanpage)
and many more…

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5. Focus on Your Content Quality:

I always say, content Quality is a hundred times more important than content quantity. If you’ve got 1000 boring and un-useful posts on your blog, you could rarely get a hundred visitors a day and they are never loyal ones.

Likewise 50 top quality and highly trending posts on your blog could give you 2500 daily visitor.
I created this topic as a separate point in this article bacause THIS (content quality) is the key to open the ways of the above four money making secrets.

Its very simple, Top Quality content gives you good loyal traffic, and good loyal traffic gives you better chances to apply the upper four secrets and earn money.

I am sure you’ll get some learning from this post. If you’re not agreed with any of my thinking, your good critical comments will be most welcome from my side.

Thanks for Reading. 🙂

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  1. In short we can say that…in 2013 content will be the head of all seo marketing strategies. So we should write original and unique content to easily improve the ranking of website.

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