Most of you must have experienced the strict approving system of Google Adsense and their quick action against any sort of voilation to their T&Cs.That is why you can only earn from Google Adsense if you come exactly upto their standards.

One question arises is that after that many strict rules, why most of the publishers tend to prefer Google Adsense on other PPC (Pay Per Click) programs???

10 Tips to Easily Get Your Adsense Approved

Its answer might be given in the following points.

  • Adsense is owned by a company (Google) which is too widely spread and has got a sort of Monopoly over the web since more than a decade.
  • Paying rates of Adsense are much more than any other PPC program.
  • The reason to the high paying rates is due to the confidence of Advertisers on Google Adsense.
  • Adwords program always gives 100% results to the advertisers and provide anti-bot and anti-spam services, so advertisers prefer this quality advertising system rather than other comparatively unsecured ones.
These reasons give Google Adsense an edge over other PPC platforms.
So, now the question of popularity of Adsense must be clear to you. Now, the next question is that, “How could we inspire Adsense pals to have our account approved??
The answer to it is very simple:
  • Just Stick to the T&Cs of Adsense.
  • Never try to cheat them as their anti-cheating skills are quite extra-ordinary.
  • Don’t rush for quick money, rather post such stuff which gives your website a nice ranking.
I’ve collected 10 MUST-TO-DO tasks which you must follow before applying to Google Adsense program and I am sure they will help you. So lets proceed to the article.
10 MUST-TO-DO Tasks before Applying for Adsense:

So, let us learn how to create a good reputation before applying for Google Adsense program to have our applicationeasily approved. A good reputation means a good earning, and a good earning is all that one could expect from his / her blog.

1. Design Simple Yet Nicely SEO Optimized Website:

Try to make your website / blog more and more simpler and highly SEO optimized. Because simple and to-the-point blogs / websites are often the most popular ones.

Don’t use any extra fancy images or banner which might increase the size of your page and reduce the quality of your page.

Just write descriptively focusing on some close sets of key words which are highly trending.

The most important thing you have to do in order to go fine with Adsense pals is “creating a nice impression“. A nice impression website might be proved to you a very effective strategy in Adsense Earning.

2. Read Adsense Terms and Conditions Thouroghly:

Acting upon Adsense Terms and Conditions is the simplest key to stop your account from being blocked. So  before appluing for adsense, first go through thoroughly from Adsense Terms and Conditions.

Try to focus on each and every word of it and examine if your website / blog comes in accordance with Adsense Terms and Conditions.

Also have a look at Adsense Program Policies which might also give you some useful knowledge.

3. Read Adsense Blocked Account FAQ and Blocked Google Groups Articles:

Blocked account FAQ and Google Adsense Group is the best way to know the reasons for which your Adsense account account might be blocked or disapproved.

I am listing some of them below:

  • Clicking on Links on Your Own
  • DMCA Voilated (Copy Pasted) Content on your Blog / Website
  • Using PTC or other illegal programs to increase viewers.
  • Using auto-clicking softwares.
  • Telling Your Friends to Click on Your Ads
  • Two Adsense accounts on same Payee Name and Address
So, as in Google Product Forums, all the users having problems with Adsense or those with blocked Adsense accounts post, you might know some valuable information. Must try it before applying for Google Adsense.
4. Make Your Blog Look Like A Professional Website:

Blog’s look is an important factor in Inspiring Google pals. Because they are also humans and its human nature to admire innovation and beauty. So, if you’ve got a beautiful blog design with some professional look, it will surely have a good impression on Adsense pals.

Try to add some basic building blocks in your blog that make it look like a professional website.

I am listing some of them below.

  • A Nicely Described Contact Us page
  • A page describing your Privacy Policy
  • Complete Site Map of Your Blog
  • About Us page including information about Your Moderation Team
  • A disclaimer to prevent DMCA voilation.
5. Delete any DMCA Voilating Content From Your Website:

Content Quality and its source is a major factor on which Adsense pals approve or disapprove an application. So don’t copy and paste stuff from different sources on the web.

Rather try to write some innovative and informative stuff and let the world know what you are writing about by focusing on SEO.

By robbing content from other blogs/websites might not only get your Adsense disapproved but also its a moral crime and might also cause your website to be permanently deleted.

So trust on yourself and your own skills. Don’t always go for shortcuts. If you have got such posts or data on your site which includes any sort of DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) Voilation, remove it before applying for Google Adsense, otherwise you’ll have no success…!

6. Have a Look at Some Famous Adsense Enabled Websites:

Examining successful people and copying their patterns in very common practice in the race of life. This also might be very much helpful in earning a good money from Google Adsense.

So, search some high page rank and High Alexa Rank website which are displaying Google Ads and also earning well from them.

Examine their methods of:

  • Displaying Ads
  • Writing Content
  • Designing and Arranging Data
  • Number of Ads Displayed on Each Page and Where
  • Whether they are using other Monetisation programs or not
This strategy will be helpful for you in creating a nice policy of displaying Google Ads on your blog / website and also create your website according to the Adsense standards.
7. Try to Build A High Daily Traffic:

A Good Daily Traffic is a thing which is most important to earn well with Google Adsense. There are many methods of increasing website traffic which could be easily adapted to increase our traffic.

A question arises in our mind that what should be the best time for us to apply for Google Adsense.

I would answer it when your Daily Users hit 800-1000.

The main reason due to which I do not recommend applying before 800 users is that your earning is totally dependant on your daily pageviews. And if you apply when your user are 50 or 100, you might get a Account block because at that time your website is new and you do not know much about Quality posting and also you do not get much money.

So apply for Adsense when you are able to get atleast 800-1000 daily pageviews.

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8. Analyze your Website Through Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster Tools are a nice way to analyze your website’s performance and their Search Engine Performance. These tools help you know the total indexed pages of your website on Google search enging and also allow you to submit your website’s site map to Google that will index your pages on Google.

Its Rich Snippets Testing Tool helps to check that Google can correctly parse your structured data markup and display it in search results. I recommend you to analyze your website / blog before applying for Adsense.

9. Reduce External Links and Brokon Links: (use pingdom)

External links and broken links reduce the rank of your page and also reduce your audience. Try to remove these links from your website.

Pingdom Pageload Checker is really a tool worth trying which tells you pageload, broken links, external links, loading time for each external link and many other things. I recommend you to try it for reducing spam links.

10. Apply Webmaster Quality Guidelines on Your Website:

Adsense itself has given some webmaster quality guidelines for the webmaster to enjoy good Ad publishing experience. I suggest you to consult with Webmaster Quality Guidelines before applying for Google Adsense.

If your blog / website comes in accordance with the Adsense terms and Conditions, they have no reason not to approve your application.

But its totally upto your strategy that how much you can earn from Google Adsense.

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