You’ve never ever heard like him before! Yes this new child robot will help you do your bedroom tasks easily!

Credit: (AI Lab, University of Zurich)

A new innovative robot prepared by Swiss Scientists in the University of Zurich Artificial Intelligence lab is none other than “Roboy” who is very near to humans and will co-operate with humans in doing different bedroom tasks.

What is Exceptional About Roboy Humanoid??

This 1.2 meter tall robot boy is very near to the human beings in its body and design. The experts in the Artificial Intelligence lab of University of Zurich spent nine months in creating its “human-like softer skin” rather than a metallic robot.

So this exceptional robot will live with you, play with you, will do whatever you want him to, and will never get tired. His humanoid muscular design will make you feel him to be real human.

I am sure he will be proved a good friend to you.. Must admire this exceptional effort by the AI Team of the University of Zurich. He (the robot) has also got a Facebook page, you might go their to conversate with him and know more about him.

Do you want to be with him? Comments will be a nice way to give your opinion.


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