The much awaited Microsoft virtual assistant “Cortana” has made its debut in India early this year as a part of its Insider Preview program where its availability was limited only to the Microsoft developers. This Artificial Intelligence has met the expectations of the users.

Most AI apps only understand certain accents and now Microsoft has officially launched the Cortana for Windows 10 users in India with Indian voice. Accent support with the software feature as part of the November’s update which released on Thursday.

Microsoft has put all its efforts and spent enough time to work with the Indian accent along with Indian voice and also said to have improved India specific knowledge basis which is truly a remarkable thing.

Apart from that, the digital voice assistant Cortana is loaded with strong local content including Indian festivals and customs. If you ask her about the festival of lights, it would say “Diwali”.

We can link it with many other apps, helping us to book movies, flight tickets and capturing selfies. In addition, without any touch, it helps you to stay organized, reminds your daily tasks, upcoming events or meetings, plays songs, Gives directions, and finds things nearby and what not!


Everything Just-in-time. It takes the control over OS search functionality including both local and web searches and gives all the stuff we need.

Device with Cortana is not just an assistant, it is more like an advanced person we carry with us. The great thing is, unlike Apple’s Siri, it doesn’t get confused with your puzzling questions, it understands the context and answer accordingly.

Microsoft has given its best answer with Cortana to the existing Apple’s Siri and Google Now. With the limited functionality of Siri in India, there is no doubt Cortana is going to be a tough competitor making all others major companies run for their money.

It is little disappointment for the Android, iOS users but Microsoft is planning to have it on Android and iOS devices sometime soon in the future which would be a great thing for every user.

Already tried the Indian version, share your MS Cortana experience by commenting below.


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