Getting up early is hard, and silencing your phone alarm is even harder. Silence your Android phone alarm with just a wave of your hand without touching your device.

If you are a person overloaded with heavy work schedule and hardly find sufficient time to sleep, you might be using an alarm to wake up on time; and this alarm, more than perhaps, will be your phone’s alarm app (no matter it’s built-in or a third party app).

Waking up early with the noise of alarm is surely unpleasant if you couldn’t find enough time to sleep properly. The first thing that happens on hearing alarm sound is your hands move in search of your phone in order to pick your phone up and press silent button. This is the only thing we know about getting rid of that alarming sound which destroys our sweet dreams at once. But did you know there is another way to get rid of this sound and silence your phone alarm without even touching it?

Wave Alarm is a free app for Android that allows your phone to shut up without experiencing a slap every morning. It may seem ridiculous but you can have pity on your phone by silencing its alarm by just waving your hand over it rather than smashing it roughly with angry hands.

silence alarm with wave app android

How Wave Alarm App for Android Works?

You might wonder how a free app can enhance your phone sensors that make it detect wave of hands from a distance? Actually it doesn’t involve any sensors but the phone camera. This simple app detects your hand movement through your phone camera and turns the alarm off automatically when your hand movement is detected. So the magic happens without touching your phone.

Partial Risks of Wave Alarm App

Though not hazardous, this app may detect anything moving to be a wave of hand, like moving fan or any moving object can make it find that movement as it were a wave of hand. Consequently, the app will silence your alarm and you may get late for the task for which you had set up the alarm.

Download Wave Alarm App for Android

This is a good and worth trying app. You’re recommended to try this if you often rely on your phone alarm. It’s free and simple to handle. Get it from the link below:

Download and Install Wave Alarm for Android From Google Play Store


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