A fun selection of best Android games for September 2015 with download links, screenshots and summary of each.

Please stop reading further if you’re not in favor of using Android phone for playing wonderful games; otherwise you might not stop yourself “wasting” your precious time in having fun with joyful games for Android listed in September 2015 favorite games collection.

However, if you’re a game lover, you’d love this list. Though not all, may be some or you might like only a few or even only one of these, unless you’re exact picky or conservative in matter of game selection.

Best Android Games September 2015

Here are top 6 games picked for September:

Age of Explorers

age of explorers best android games september 2015

Age of Explorers is a kind of history journey which lets you enjoy the life of sailors who sailed for years and discovered patches of lands. As the game slogan suggests, you can sail with world’s 5 great explorers to uncover world’s best journeys for world discovery.

Download Age of Explorers



brawl best android game september 2015

Have you ever played Bomberman game? Bomberman is a very old yet excellent game that could keep players engaged for hours and hours. BRAWL is built on almost the same concept, but there are some extra features which make BRAWL better than Bomberman. It has 8 unique characters and the environment is pretty brutal and explosive.

Dowload BRAWL


Green Ninja: Year of the Frog

green ninja top android games 2015

If you’re not afraid of frogs then this game is not bad to try. It’s a puzzle game with some extra features. The king Fu frog is your character. You have to escape from evil ninjas and clear levels.

Don’t underestimate this game if it seems really simple and easy at initial levels. There are tons of levels which take you through easiest to brain-melting challenges.

Download Green Ninja



guncat september 2015 best games

Guncat is actually a cat carrying a gun (Gun Cat). It’s you who has to play the role of cat and hunt the birds with ammo (bombs). It’s a nice shooting game to enhance your mind response speed.

You can unlock more guns that might be upgraded and capable to shoot at longer distance.

Download Guncat


Sonic Runners

Sonic Runner android top games 2015

I know Sonic for ages. I remember the days when I used to play sonic and then sonic 3D on a TV video game console. There are too many versions of Sonic games available now. Give it a try.

By the way, how long do you know Sonic?

Download Sonic Runners


You Must Build a Boat

You Must Build A Boat top 2015 android game

The name of game address you! You have to build a boat. The fun doesn’t stops on creating a boat but there is more to discover. It seems somehow an addictive game.

Download You Must Build a Boat

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If you’ve discovered any other game that you think to fit in this collection, don’t hesitate to share the link in comments below.


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